SBPD Media Release - Public Safety Advisory

The Santa Barbara Police Department is advising the public of a potential threat to public safety. Justo Bueno-Palacios, age 27, of Santa Barbara, has been arrested repeatedly by SBPD officers and detectives in recent weeks for Burglary, Prowling, Trespassing, and other offenses. The victims in these cases are mostly women. Additionally, Bueno-Palacios has been contacted by other local law enforcement agencies during this time. Bueno-Palacios’s frequency of arrests and escalation of behavior are prompting this warning to the public.

Bueno-Palacios has recently been arrested by SBPD officers & detectives for the following incidents:

April 6, 2016: Bueno-Palacios followed on foot for the second time a 17-year old girl from her place of work downtown, causing her to experience significant fear. On May 30, 2016 SBPD detectives arrested Bueno-Palacios for child annoying, a misdemeanor, as a result of this incident. He was already in custody at Santa Barbara County Jail on other charges; the bail amount for this offense is $2,500.00.

April 12, 2016: Bueno-Palacios was found hiding under a blanket in the home-office of an occupied residence on the 700 block of W. Valerio Street. One male and two female roommates reside there; two of whom, the male and one female, were at home at the time of the incident. Bueno-Palacios was arrested for prowling, a misdemeanor, and booked into Santa Barbara County Jail with a bail amount of $2,500.00.

May 2, 2016: Bueno-Palacios was discovered standing in the bathtub of an occupied apartment on the 600 block of W. Cota Street. At the time of the incident the female tenant and her nephew were at home. Bueno-Palacios was arrested for unlawful entry, a misdemeanor, and booked into Santa Barbara County Jail with a bail amount of $2,500.00.

May 23, 2016: Bueno-Palacios was found hiding in the kitchen of a restaurant on the 00 block of W. Victoria Street approximately one hour after closing. The restaurant was occupied by a lone female employee at the time. Upon being discovered Bueno-Palacios initially tried to conceal himself inside a storage room on the premises, however upon arrival of officers attempted to jump out of a window to escape; he was apprehended by an SBPD canine. Once in custody Bueno-Palacios was found to be in possession of a fraudulent Social Security Card and a fraudulent Permanent Resident Card. Bueno-Palacios was arrested for trespassing and resisting or delaying an officer, both misdemeanors, and possession of false documents to conceal citizenship or alien status, a felony. He was booked into Santa Barbara County Jail with a bail amount of $50,000.00.

May 29, 2016: Bueno-Palacios confronted a female victim in her bedroom in a residence on the 1400 block of Castillo Street. Investigation indicated that prior to entering the bedroom he had been hiding in a shower. The victim lives alone, however at the time of the incident was in the company of a female relative. Both women locked themselves in a bathroom and called police. Responding officers found Bueno-Palacios inside of the residence and took him into custody. Bueno-Palacios subsequently provided officers with a false name. Investigation further revealed that Bueno-Palacios had recently been placed on probation for public intoxication. Bueno-Palacios was arrested for burglary, a felony, and falsely identifying himself to a peace officer, a misdemeanor. Officers petitioned for a bail increase and Bueno-Palacios was subsequently booked into Santa Barbara County Jail with a bail amount of $100,000.00, along with a $2,500.00 detainer for violation of probation.

Bueno-Palacios is currently in custody at the Santa Barbara County Jail. However, upon release if he is observed in the community residents are urged to exercise caution and to report suspicious behavior or illegal activity to law enforcement by calling 9-1-1.

Sergeant Riley L. Harwood
Santa Barbara Police Department
Community & Media Relations / PIO
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F: (805) 897-2420

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