Hope School analyzing Guinness World Records

Hope School goes for the Record!

India Longo a student at Hope School, one of three K-6 elementary schools in Santa Barbara’s Hope School District, is attempting to recreate the record-breaking paper chain made by an individual. In collaboration with her school, she wants to attempt to make a paper chain that is longer than the world record chain of 2,556 feet. Although Hope School won’t be breaking any records, they will be demonstrating how a group is stronger than an individual and that an individual can create something great!

On Friday June 3rd, the school will come together to make this chain. If each child makes 10 feet of chain, India anticipates that the chain will be close to 3,000 feet long, made of scratch paper and outdated textbooks. This demonstration will build community within Hope School, demonstrate the power of a dream and help students understand the power of working together.

India dreamt up this idea during her classroom Genius Hour. Genius Hour is an idea based on the philosophy of 20% time, first practiced by Google. 20% time is the program in which, employees’ are able to dedicate time to their ideas and passions that could ultimately benefit their employer. Ideas like gmail came out of this time. In Mr. Barker’s 5th grade class, students use Genius Hour to pursue their own passions and goals, like learning languages, origami, learning about robotics, etc… India had the goal of creating the longest chain. To attain this goal, she’s had to research, compute, write persuasive letters, meet with staff and administrators and write a press release. Overall, the academic value of this time has been superb.

On Friday, June 3rd, Hope School will finish putting together this long chain. We would very much enjoy having your distinguished presence at our Paper Chain Display!


Contact: Barbara LaCorte, Principal; India Longo 5th Grader
Phone: 805-563-2975
Cell: 805-455-7168

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