Bel Air Beautiful Water Wise Garden 2016 Award Winners Announced

Bel Air Beautiful Water Wise Garden 2016 Award Winners Announced
June 10, 2016
1m ago

Congratulations to our top 4 winners.
1488 Crestline Drive-Matt and Roberta
1267 Bel Air Drive-Marie and Hubert
2321 Sonora Drive-Fred and Ann
1413 Manitou Road- Glenn and Laura

A big thanks goes out to Bel Air Beautiful Committee Chair: Suzon Bishop, the Bel Air KNolls Civic Association Board and the neighbors who have made an effort to be Water-Wise and Beautiful.

Saving water isn’t just good for the environment - it makes good “cents.” Homeowners throughout Santa Barbara County area are discovering that a few simple changes can help significantly lower water bills, and improve the health and beauty of their landscapes while helping to preserve Santa Barbara’s natural environment. The Bel Air Knolls Water Wise Awards were created to recognize those who have committed to conserving our water resources and protecting the environment by using attractive California-friendly landscaping.

Karen Tyrrell
President, Bel Air Knolls Civic Association

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