Local Vietnam Vets Chapter Seeking Sponsors for The Moving Wall in October

WHO: Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter 218


WHEN: Now through October 12 - 16, 2016
We are seeking a forward command of sponsors to step up in the community to help defray the costs involved with such a commitment. Sponsor Packets are available.

WHERE : Chase Palm Park on East Cabrillo Blvd., Santa Barbara

INFO: (805) 284-6372 or (Pls put The Moving Wall in the subject box)
Sponsor packets on how to participate on the installation of The Moving Wall are available. Please contact us and we’ll send one out.

The Moving Wall will be present and accounted for on this fifth time the local Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter 218 has brought in the half-size* replica of The Moving Wall monument which is located in Washington, D.C. Sponsors are being sought to help underwrite the many costs involved with this kind of installation: Contracting the organization that travels with it, hotel accommodations for them, staging the area, setting up, lighting, lumber, signage, flags, security, computers, supplies, food for the volunteers throughout the five days, city fees for the park, programs for the two special ceremonies and more. The Moving Wall hours are: All day, 24 hours a day for the five-day stay. *(Half-size is approx. 238’)

Currently in the 50th anniversary decade since the Vietnam War ended, the awareness and interest in it has never been more acute. American’s most populist generation the baby boomers made up the bulk of the drafted ranks. In the years between then and now, it has come to be an area of great interest. Recognizing that war and all it meant, the local members of the Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter 218 are bringing The Moving Wall back to its base camp at Chase Palm Park, October 12 through the 16, 2016. From those who served to those who watched it unfold on the nightly TV news, that war held sway over the public’s interest for every year it was fought - 1964 - 1973. Understanding the P.O.V. of the infantryman, the sailor, fighter pilot or Marines will undoubtedly bring a new respect for the experience - whether volunteer or drafted. Vietnam was a much different war than the U.S. had ever been in.

Peter Bie, President of the chapter noted, “There will be Vietnam veterans and volunteers at the park 24 hours a day to talk about it, answer your questions, and even help you find the name you may be looking for among the 99 Santa Barbara residents whose names are there.” Two tents will be set up this year, at either end of The Moving Wall with computers programmed to find the name in question. “We can take care of people easily. With two tents and four computers, we have doubled what we had available in 2011,” said Bie. It’s expected to be better attended, this year based on the support and crowds who showed up in five years ago to pay their respects.

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