Easy Lift Transportation Rolls Out ClearPathGPS Realtime Fleet Tracking to Better Serve Mobility Impaired south coast Clients

“With the increasing demands of an aging population, Easy Lift turns to local Santa Barbara technology company to help manage growth and enhance customer service”
SANTA BARBARA, CA – June 21, 2016 – Easy Lift Transportation, a nonprofit provider of specialized transportation services for the south Santa Barbara community, announced today that it has deployed Santa Barbara based ClearPathGPS’ realtime GPS tracking and fleet management system on all 30 of their vehicles.
The ClearPathGPS vehicle tracking system allows Easy Lift to know where all of its vehicles are in realtime and direct them to the nearest passenger in the shortest amount of time, helping the company save money on fuel and operating expenses while delivering better customer service to its clients. Additionally, Easy Lift is able to monitor the speeds, driving behavior and maintenance status of the busses, ensuring they are operated in the safest possible manner at all times.“>

“Easy Lift did almost 90,000 rides last year. Ensuring that each ride is completed in the most efficient way possible is critical to our ability to grow and to meet the increasing demand of our user base,” said Ernesto Paredes, Executive Director of Easy Lift Transportation, “With ClearPathGPS, we have realtime visibility into all our vehicles on the road allowing my team to dispatch and route more effectively, giving our customers a much better experience while helping us control costs.”
Nicole Campos, Director of Operations at Easy Lift added, “ClearPathGPS gives us a wealth of information about how our vehicles are being driven. Speed, braking, cornering and routes are all tracked. We’re able to coach and train our drivers based on their individual driving style and ensure that every Easy Lift vehicle is operating to our safety standards.”
“We’re honored to be chosen by Easy Lift as their GPS tracking solution provider,” said Steve Wells, Managing Partner at ClearPathGPS, “Easy Lift’s commitment to safety and customer service makes this a great partnership and a perfect fit for our technology. It’s exciting that they started seeing positive results almost immediately.”
To learn more about ClearPathGPS, visit or call 805-979-3442.
About Easy Lift Transportation:
A nonprofit organization and the sole provider of Dial-a-Ride specialized transportation in south Santa Barbara County from Winchester Canyon to Carpinteria, 363 days per year. Most similar organizations in the United States rely exclusively on government funding, while just half of Easy Lift Transportation’s funding is from the government. As a result of their successful fundraising efforts, Easy Lift Transportation is able to provide services to twice as many people in Santa Barbara, Goleta and Carpinteria.

About ClearPathGPS:
Headquartered in Santa Barbara, CA, ClearPathGPS provides easy to use and easy to afford realtime GPS tracking solutions to small and mid-sized commercial fleets. Established in 2013, ClearPathGPS serves thousands of vehicles nationwide with an industry changing no contract, “on-demand” GPS tracking service that gives fleet managers realtime visibility and historical reports from any web browser, tablet or smart phone. Business use ClearPathGPS to increase worker productivity, control risk and reduce operating costs for as little as $20 a month per vehicle.


Media Contact for ClearPathGPS:
Steven Wells
Managing Partner
Media Contact for Easy Lift Transportation:
Adriana Marroquin

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