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Ty Warner’s Montecito Country Club takes monumental steps to conserve water for the future operations of the newly renovated golf course
Turfgrass Installation to begin on the Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course

SANTA BARBARA, CALIF. (June 22, 2016) - Turfgrass installation on the newly renovated Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course at Montecito Country Club has begun. Originally, the plans called for seeding and grass sprigs to be installed; however Warner decided to invest more dollars to purchase sod in order to further reduce water consumption. Water for the golf course is recycled water received from the El Estero Wastewater Treatment Plant in Santa Barbara.

“The Montecito Country Club has been a significant recycled water customer since 1990. They are one of the largest recycled water users in the City. As such I appreciate their commitment to design the newly renovated club around continued and expanded use of recycled water for the golf course and ornamental landscaping,” noted City of Santa Barbara Water Resources Manager, Joshua Haggmark.

During the approval process, Montecito Country Club worked diligently with golf course designer Jack Nicklaus, agronomists, engineers, environmental consultants and the City of Santa Barbara to develop water saving strategies while designing a great golf course that continues to enhance the surrounding environment and minimize the use of Santa Barbara’s local water resources. On track to open in 2017, Mr. Warner is taking every step necessary to ensure water-saving efficiency by installing a new state of the art irrigation system that allows precise control of every individual sprinkler from a sophisticated computer system that is connected to a local weather station to match precipitation rates and monitor irrigation practices.

By voluntarily reducing the total irrigated turf acreage from about 95 acres to 60 acres and sand capping the entire golf course, the Club is better equipped to manage drainage and provide consistent moisture management across the entire course which greatly improves water-use efficiency.

A drought tolerant variety of warm season turfgrass is being installed which uses 40% less water than a common cool season turfgrass found on most golf courses. While the installation of the new turfgrass is taking place, watering during the day is necessary to keep moisture in the new sod until it is established and rooted, otherwise it will decline. The Club also dedicated 45 acres to predominantly drought tolerant native grasslands and plants such as Toyon, Buckwheat and Salvia.

All potable landscape irrigation around the clubhouse has been eliminated and has been replaced by drip irrigation using recycled water. Subsurface Soil Monitoring Sensors have been installed to measure soil moisture levels and improve and assist in water management decisions.

“From the beginning our goal has been to significantly improve the Club’s efforts to conserve water and help the environment,” said Ty Warner Hotels and Resorts project development manager Bill Medel. “This project is an example of Mr. Warner and his team collaborating with the city to come up with beneficial solutions for the community using advanced technology and strategic planning to reduce water consumption dramatically on this property.”

Upon reopening, Montecito Country Club will continue to irrigate the new golf course with recycled water from the City of Santa Barbara. Montecito Country Club understands the severity of the current drought crisis in California and is doing its part in implementing the City of Santa Barbara’s water use restrictions to ensure our precious local water resources are rationed and used efficiently.

Ty Warner is also known for creating Beanie Babies and owns Ty Inc., the largest manufacturer of plush toys in the world.  Mr. Warner is ranked by Forbes Magazine as one of the wealthiest individuals in the world and is known for his generosity having donated over $100 million to charities globally.  Ty Warner also owns Coral Casino Beach and Cabana Club, San Ysidro Ranch, Four Seasons Resort The Biltmore Santa Barbara, Four Seasons Hotel New York, Las Ventanas Resort Cabo San Lucas, Sandpiper Golf Club and Rancho San Marcos Golf Course.

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