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The California Energy Efficiency Council Announces Energy Champion Awardees

The California Energy Efficiency Council Announces Energy Champion Awardees

Oakland, CA – The Efficiency Council will hold its second annual Energy Champion Awards networking event at the Scottish Rite Center in Oakland on September 27, 2016. This event recognizes key businesses and policy leaders in California who have shown excellence in advancing energy efficiency. The Efficiency Council is a statewide trade association of non-utility businesses that provide energy efficiency and demand response products in California.

The Efficiency Council will recognize Assembly Member Das Williams. In addition, three exceptional companies will receive awards for implementing outstanding efficiency projects: The Boeing Company, The City of Palo Alto, and The Irvine Company

“Consumers, governments and businesses are central to achieving California’s goals to quit wasting energy. This award recognizes the efforts of forward-thinking organizations and leaders who are achieving long term savings now.” said Margie Gardner, Executive Director of the Efficiency Council.
Assembly Member Williams will be recognized because he was key to the passage of SB 350 in 2015 which doubled energy efficiency goals for the state. He also authored AB 802 which was landmark legislation establishing the use of existing conditions baseline and normalized metered energy consumption for energy efficiency and also invigorated a languishing benchmarking policy at the Energy Commission. This year he championed demand response in his authorship of AB 2454 which mandates that the PUC consider all technically and economically achievable demand reduction in its procurement policies.
Outstanding projects receiving awards this year are:

The Boeing Company
Project: Enhanced Retro-commissioning/Boeing – Multi Campus System Optimization
Partner: Nexant
The Boeing Company, in partnership with its consulting team at Nexant, has implemented measures resulting in over 4.5 million kWh of verified annual energy savings. Furthermore, an additional 4 million kWh of potential savings have been identified and are currently in the process of being implemented.
Nexant devised a long-term strategic plan to optimize the energy consumption of more than 70 Boeing buildings. Types of measures identified included: scheduling optimization, variable frequency drives on fans and pumps, optimization of supply-air and chilled water supply temperature, static pressure resets, and reducing simultaneous heating/cooling. Boeing is also integrating data analytics and installing cutting edge “fault, detection, and diagnostics” on all of its major Energy Management Systems. These technologies save energy over the long-term and provide strong tools at the facilities for on-going optimization and improvement.

The City of Palo Alto
Project: 2016 Palo Alto Energy Efficiency Reach Code
Partner: TRC
The City of Palo Alto unanimously approved a new local amendment to the California Energy Code, to take effect January 1, 2017. This new Zero Net Energy ready ordinance will improve the energy efficiency of all new buildings in Palo Alto and is expected to become the most aggressive energy code in the United States. The new Energy Reach Code will act as an incremental step in meeting the State’s Zero Net Energy goals set for 2020 for new residential projects and 2030 for non‐residential projects, and aligns with Palo Alto’s commitment to sustainability, zero net energy, and carbon reduction. TRC supported the City of Palo Alto by completing a cost-effectiveness analysis requiring 10% above Title 24 code for all building types, and developed alternate policy paths that allow permit applicants to exchange PV credits for energy efficiency savings.

The Irvine Company
Project: Irvine Company HVAC Optimization
Partner: CLEAResult
The Irvine Company is California’s largest owner of leased property and manages a 98 million square foot portfolio of residential and commercial space. As a statewide leader in commercial real estate, Irvine Company has made a commitment to sustainable building practices through a number of initiatives including the implementation of a scalable, cost-effective energy management strategy across their commercial building portfolio and an investment in an in-house team of experts to manage energy use.
Irvine Company’s improved maintenance practices and ventilation upgrades are saving an estimated 2,252,102 kWh annually and 998 kW in demand reduction. In addition, since late 2011, HVAC service calls have decreased in spite of increasing occupancy. Going forward, complementary performance monitoring efforts will provide the Irvine Company with actionable data to detect equipment faults proactively, thereby reducing energy waste and tenant complaints. This investment in an energy management infrastructure has also allowed the deployment of demand response capabilities throughout much of the portfolio, resulting in cost savings and reductions in service disruption. As a result of this comprehensive energy management approach, Irvine Company has increased their number of Energy Star buildings from zero to nine.


About the California Energy Efficiency Council
The Efficiency Council is a statewide trade association of non-utility companies that provide efficiency and demand response products and services in California. Our member businesses include implementation and evaluation experts, engineering and architecture firms, contractors, financing experts, energy service companies, workforce training entities, and manufacturers of energy efficiency products and equipment. Our mission is to support energy efficiency and demand response policies and programs for all Californians to create sustainable jobs, long-term economic vitality, stable and reasonably priced energy systems, and environmental improvements.

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