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Jays Books Press Release: Is there a book living in you?

Bestselling author Jay North believes there is a book living in people from all walks of life. “What people need to do is learn to draw it out.” According to Jay anyone that has a story to tell whether it be in book, film or a memoir there are lessons and techniques for turning thoughts into words in the here and now and anyone can do it.

Jay North loves writing and with 33 published books, thousands of published articles, poems and more than a few film scripts under his belt he has turned his love into desire to help people put thoughts into words. Jay offers a new way to teach and for people to learn to write and as Jay would say “it’s got to be fun.”

Jay North also wants people to know “that if an abused dyslectic child that did not finish high school can do it, so can they. “ Becoming a bestselling author may not be the goal for everyone-for some it’s just relating a message that must be read-even if just by family members.

Jay North is offering a six day training course to assist people to write and be understood. For more information interested people can contact Jay at his publisher’s website, . Jay will travel to groups that have interest in his offbeat and new way of teaching.
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PO BOX 1211 Ojai, CA. 93024

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