PRESS RELEASE / ANNOUNCEMENTS Monday, September 26, 2016

Botanic Garden Chooses Native Choice Awardee

plants to Martin and Elizabeth Stevenson for their residence at 845 Norma Way. Incorporating more than 40 different types of California native plants, the Stevenson property takes full advantage of our state’s rich botanic diversity to create a distinctly Californian sense of place. The award will be presented at the Santa Barbara Beautiful Annual Awards Presentation on September 25, 2016.

Contracting, focused on water conservation. Sprinklers were eliminated and much of the site’s water supply now comes from carefully redirected roof runoff moving through sculpted soils to become cistern-stored rainwater. The landscape plan integrates water conservation design with low water use native plant choices to serve as a model of beauty and sustainability.
Native plants Wilson selected for the Stevensons include: giant chain fern, holly-leaf cherry, ironwood, currant, chaparral currant, mountain mahogany, quail bush, old-man sage, white sage, five kinds of buckwheats and many more.
These plants and 400 other types of native plants will be available at the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden’s Fall Native Plant Sale during the month of October.
In 2014, the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden established the Native Choice Award to recognize leadership by an individual or organization in the use of California native plants in a designed landscape and celebrate the people and the plants that make Santa Barbara uniquely beautiful.

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