League of Women Voters April Community Forum

Just now, before Earth Day and when all our previous planning is at risk, is a great time to consider what new information and developments there have been in our knowledge about Climate Change. The League has invited a panel of experts to bring us up to date. Dr. Karl Hutterer, who teaches climate change for the Vistas Lifelong Learning program, will talk about what we are learning today about the rapid changes in climate and its effects around the world. Sixty percent of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia has already been destroyed. Dr. Hutterer is well known here as the former Executive Director of the Museum of Natural History.

Following Dr. Hutterer, Michael Chiacos, the Interim Director of Energy and Climate Programs at Community Environmental Council (CEC), will talk about what directions we should take in the future. In connection with that, Cameron Gray from CEC will discuss future alternative fuels. This year there has been important new information about hydrogen batteries, and their use can greatly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Also joining us will be the new Director of the Air Pollution Control District (APCD), Aeron Genet, who has been here about a year, and she will talk about new rules and regulations controlling air quality in California.

Please note that in April the League Forum will return to Louise Lowry Davis Center at 1232 De La Vina Street. You may bring friends and a brown bag lunch. Parking is free during this meeting.

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