Generous Donor Sponsors All Adoption Fees for Adult Dogs, Cats & Bunnies at ASAP, BUNS & All Three County Animal Shelters

In the spirit of Rosie the Riveter, and with the generous support of a local animal lover, ASAP, Santa Barbara County Animal Services and its rescue partners have adopted the motto, “We CAN Save Them All!” for a special free adoption day on Saturday April 29, 2017.

Adopters at ASAP, BUNS and all three Animal Services shelters, in Goleta, Lompoc and Santa Maria, will be able to take home an adult cat, dog or rabbit without having to pay an adoption fee, thanks to the enthusiasm and generosity of donor Lyn Proctor Hock. Ms. Hock, herself the proud adopter of several cats and a dog, is committed to getting as many sheltered animals into loving homes as possible. The goal is to end the day with no adoptable adult animals left in the County’s three public shelters.

Life in a shelter is lonely and frightening for animals who have lost their homes and families and don’t understand why they are in a strange place, in a small cage, waiting day after day for someone to come rescue them. According to Ms. Hock, she was motivated to sponsor this free adoption day because: “There is nothing more heartbreaking than the sight of an animal alone in a cage, frightened and confused. The adult animals suffer the most because throughout the summer they will be passed over repeatedly for kittens and puppies. The best thing that can happen is for that dog, or cat, or rabbit to end up with people who will love and care for it, and end that fear and suffering. I’m sponsoring all adoption fees on this special day because I do believe we can save them all!”

“We CAN Save Them All!” will take place on Saturday April 29, from 10 AM-4 PM. Adoption fees, ranging from $110 for dogs to $75 for cats and $30 for bunnies, will be waived for qualified adopters who need only offer a commitment to provide love, safety and care to a healthy, adoptable adult shelter animal. Potential adopters must still complete an application and be screened, but will benefit from the fee-waived promotion and the support of all three county shelters and their rescue partners—ASAP, BUNS, the Santa Barbara County Animal Care Foundation and CAPA.

Participating shelter locations and contact information are below:

Santa Barbara Animal Shelter
5473 Overpass Road, Goleta

Santa Maria Animal Center
548 W. Foster Rd, Santa Maria

La Paws Lompoc Shelter
1501 W. Central Ave, Lompoc

For more information, please call 805-794-9574 or email; for information about each participating shelter, please call the number associated with that shelter above.

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