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Problem Solvers coming to Santa Barbara

SANTA BARBARA, California, April 7th – Award-winning professional keynote speaker Patricia Fripp and renowned motivational speaker and strategic advisor, Jim Cathcart are the keynote speakers at the 5th annual Santa Barbara Business Network Expo on April 29th at The Fess Parker’s DoubleTree Hotel, 633 E. Cabrillo St, Santa Barbara.
Patricia Fripp will speak on “How to Increase Your Business by Becoming Powerfully Persuasive” and how to stand out at networking events, add the power of specificity, and how to make presentations powerful and memorable.

Jim Cathcart will speak on “Succeeding in Santa Barbara”, how to discover one’s natural talents and skills, also known as the ‘Acorn Principle’ and what it takes to increase one’s capacity and stay motivated.

Patricia is an award-winning professional keynote speaker, executive speech coach, sales presentation trainer, and author is the primary destination if you’re looking to improve the quality of your public speaking, executive presentations, sales presentations. Simply put, Patricia practices the art of simplifying and demystifying the process of preparing and presenting powerful, persuasive presentations. Patricia even turned her last name into a word: Frippicism. Frippicisms are Patricia’s thoughts and inspiring and very truthful witticisms that she regularly shares with her followers.

“It is not your clients’ and prospects’ job to remember you. It is your obligation and responsibility to make sure they don’t forget you.”

“Outside the privacy of your own home, all speaking is public speaking.”

“Style is being yourself, but on purpose.”

Jim Cathcart is a motivational speaker, strategic advisor and author of The Acorn Principle: Know Yourself, Grow Yourself. The Acorn Principle is a guide to doing a complete “life checkup” that will help pinpoint your talents and strengths and learn to work with your true nature without changing it!

Cathcart provides insights into human behaviour by looking at an acorn. Inside its hard shell, the acorn holds the seed with the potential to grow into a magnificent oak tree. When the conditions are right, it breaks free and begins its life journey. The Acorn Principle tells you to look inside and discover what is the seed of your being - explore your values, your natural abilities, thinking and learning styles, and detect your intellectual blind spots. Once you discover your “acorn profile,” it becomes a useful tool for self-definition and developing appropriate, complementary relationships. Ultimately, your fastest, easiest and most enjoyable growth comes from your natural talents and skills.

Take advantage of the opportunity to meet Patricia Fripp and Jim Cathcart at the 5th Annual Business Expo on April 29th from 8am to 2pm at the Fess Parker’s DoubleTree Hotel at 633 E. Cabrillo Blvd., Santa Barbara. Presented by the Santa Barbara Business Network. Conference Tickets are only $35/person, discounted when you pre-register at


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