PRESS RELEASE / ANNOUNCEMENTS Friday, February 24, 2017

Shoaling in Santa Barbara Harbor

SANTA BARBARA, CA – February 24, 2017

The February 17th storm that brought torrential rains, high winds, and large ocean swells to Santa Barbara Harbor also deposited massive amounts of sand in the harbor entrance, leaving it only 7’ deep at zero tide. As a result, vessels leaving or entering the harbor have had to do so at high tide, with some larger-draft vessels unable to exit or enter at all.

On February 23rd, the U.S. Coast Guard established a “Safety Zone” at the harbor entrance, conferring legal authority to Harbor Patrol to manage, allow or disallow all vessel traffic out of or into the harbor. Harbor officials anticipate spring-cycle dredging to begin March 1st, hopefully digging a narrow, navigable channel by March 3rd or 4th. The Safety Zone designation will expire on March 16th, provided full resolution of any navigation issues at the harbor entrance.

Meanwhile, mariners should contact Harbor Patrol on VHF Ch. 12 or 16 or at (805) 564-5530 with any questions about harbor conditions.


Contact Harbor Patrol on VHF Ch. 12 or 16 or at (805) 564-5530.

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