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TEDx Santa Barbara Returns with the Theme ‘Outside In’

The TEDx Santa Barbara team is excited to announce the 2nd annual event happening Saturday, November 11, 2017 at the New Vic Theater in downtown Santa Barbara. Audience members can expect an inspiring and intellectually stimulating full day experience.The theme for this year’s event, ‘Outside In’ challenges speakers and attendees to look at our world as if through a lens which not only clarifies but also shows the observer more than they are expecting.You can look forward to hearing talks focused around thematic topics like: invention vs. innovation, wonder and surprise, life and vitality, the ocean, our military, and human trafficking. This combined with a carefully curated speaker lineup will make for an exciting event that will sell out within days.This year’s event coincides with Veterans Day, and the organizers have invited Andy Carroll, creator of the War Letters Project and the play If All the Sky Were Paper, to present his amazing work. For the past 20 years Andy has traveled the world collecting over 100,000 letters written by service men and women. The letters date from the Civil War on to recent conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. His work is on display at the Smithsonian Museum, and his play was recently presented at the Kennedy Center. Husband and wife team Mark Sylvester, Executive Producer, and Kymberlee Weil, SpeakingStrategist, run TEDxSantaBarbara. They’re supported by a passionate and dedicated volunteer team. “TEDxSantaBarbara’s purpose is to provide a platform to express exceptionally innovative ideas, ideas we believe will mature in time to improve our society,” commented Sylvester. If interested in attending, you must register for the TEDxSantaBarbara newsletter which will provide you with a link to purchase tickets once they go on sale. Tickets will sell fast due to high demand and limited seating. “Some of our speakers have been working for over a year to present their life’s work on our stage. They’ll deliver their message in a compelling 18 minute TEDx Talk that will affect change in our world. We invite you to be a part of this unforgettable experience,” says co-founder Weil. For more information and to sign up for the newsletter, please visit


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