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93108Fund provides relief to Montecito workers impacted by the recent disasters

Local Montecito residents and community leaders, along with Win.Win.Give. today announced the formation of the 93108Fund. The fund was established to assist local workers in Montecito whose ability to support their families and earn a living has been impacted by the Thomas Fires and the most recent devastating mudslides.

The Montecito community is coming together to provide vital support for our crucial workforce and help get the community back on its feet. This is a move to assist the wage earners who could not work their hours due to the closures that affected an entire community. Gardeners, housekeepers, shop clerks, food service employees, caregivers, gas station attendants, independent store employees, book sellers, day laborers, and many others whose ability to support their families and earn a living has been compromised.

The fund is being established to provide financial support of up to $600 in relief for each individual affected by the disasters. Workers who live, or work, in the town of Montecito and who have had their work hours cut short, or lost their ability to earn during this time, qualify for the grants. Undocumented workers are also invited to apply online. The process is fast and there is no red tape or long approval lead times. Affected workers can apply directly at www.93108Fund.Org.

Ron Blitzer, the co-founder of the 93108Fund, says “There are important groups of people that both live and work in our community that are in need of immediate financial resources. They make this community function every day for all of us. We are calling on all to help assist those whose ability to earn has been desperately impacted. We see this campaign as a way to give back, support some of the most important people who live and work in the area, that have limited resources, hourly wages and hearts of gold.”

The 93108Fund is managed and supported by local business professionals who have dedicated their time and resources to this important cause, including, Gregg Bigger, Nicole Herlihy, Nicholas Longano and Gregg Wilson, all long-time Montecito residents and local activists in their community.

Providing oversight and support for the fund are Bridgett Luther and Cynthia Phillips of Win.Win.Give. Bridgett Luther was previously the Director of California’s Department of Conservation under the Schwarzenegger administration. “To support the missions of groups like and the community it services is why we created Win.Win.Give and the Passport2GoodTM app, as a new kind of socially responsible platform, for connecting friends to support the causes that matter most, and seeing results!”

The 93108Fund is calling upon all donors to help provide assistance to those workers in need. Donors are encouraged to visit to learn more about how we are helping these families, and all are encouraged to donate. Every bit helps.

About Win.Win.Give.: WWG is the official sponsor and management team for the 93108fund. The WWG team is comprised of seasoned professionals and entrepreneurs with a track record of innovation, value-driven results, and service. The team includes United States presidential appointees for small business and innovation, global risk management and marketing experts, award-winning game designers, data scientists, philanthropic innovators, seasoned entrepreneurs, and financial professionals.
Win.Win.Give. is a 501c3 non-profit organization.


The Passport2good app is available in the Apple Store and the Android Play Store.


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