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Utilities Chip In to Help Homeowners Replace Inefficient Furnaces, Water Heaters and More

(SANTA BARBARA, Calif.) – Utility rebates that have assisted many homeowners in replacing old, inefficient heaters, install proper insulation and other overlooked, home energy efficiency projects are once again available for 2018.

Santa Barbara County’s emPower program is partnering with local utility companies to offer the Home Upgrade Program rebates, along with access to qualified local contractors, free home energy consultations and low-interest, unsecured financing that starts at 3.9%.

“It’s never a bad time to think about how your home can use energy more efficiently, but right now is the best time to do something about it,” said Marisa Hanson, emPower program specialist. “These rebates can help you make your home maintain the perfect temperature year-round without wasting energy or breaking the bank.”

Pacific Gas and Electric, Southern California Gas Company and Southern California Edison exhausted their Home Upgrade Program rebates earlier than expected in 2017 but are now offering a limited amount of rebates for 2018. The rebates are designed to reduce the cost of home energy efficiency projects and help local homeowner’s complete energy-efficiency projects that include heating, cooling, windows, water or insulation.

emPower financing is available to homeowners that access the utility rebates and is typically less expensive than other types of financing. emPower loans can be spread out over 15 years. By combining rebates and low-interest financing, homeowners can not only reduce upfront costs but also keep monthly loan payments low. The result from these types of projects are more energy efficient, healthy and comfortable homes.

Homeowners can find out more about available rebates of up to $5,500 and how to reserve them by contacting emPower Central Coast ( and scheduling a free home energy consultation with an emPower Energy Coach. A home consultation is also an opportunity to learn about a home’s energy efficiency needs, get access to qualified local contractors to complete projects and hear about available low-interest unsecured financing.

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