Quail Springs Permaculture Offers Seeds of Sustainable Vocations Program This Summer

With the growing litany of current issues, it’s clear that we’re in a time of great uncertainty. Climate change, deeply dividing politics, growing wealth disparity, affordable housing access, healthcare, clean water and food — the list goes on.

In the midst of these challenges, how do we foster a sense of resilience instead of overwhelming the young people who will inherit these issues? How do we empower them to become the future leaders needed to prioritize, support and create healthier communities and a sustainable planet?

Quail Springs Permaculture may have an answer. The Seeds of Sustainable Vocations program for youth ages 16-20 offers a 10-day life changing educational experience encompassing community building, conflict resolution skills, wilderness skills, natural building, organic farming, water harvesting, as well as social & ecological justice.

Immersion in this program gives young people alternative perspectives to some of the world’s more difficult issues. While centered in uncovering each student’s unique gifts, the coursework also weaves science, art, economics, ecology, and social dynamics into a holistic training program that empowers students to create meaningful change in their own lives and communities. The aim of Sustainable Vocations is to equip students with the inspiration, confidence and practical tools to build connections between seemingly separate issues, all the while having fun outside!

Students from past Sustainable Vocations programs have remained involved with the program for years, with many alumni becoming leaders in socio-environmental work in their home communities and all over the world. Alumni career paths and continued involvement speak to how the program develops life-long networks of friendship, support, and collaboration.

Quail Springs is a leading environmental educational nonprofit that empowers students of all ages and backgrounds with knowledge, skills, and inspiration essential to cultivating ecological and social health. A 450-acre high desert permaculture farm and conservation site, Quail Springs teaches strategies for designing resilient environments and creating healthy, culturally vibrant communities.

Seeds of Sustainable Vocations will be held July 5-15, 2018. To learn more about the Sustainable Vocations program, visit

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