We’ve been working ‘round the clock trying to improve our website, so check this out:

We've been working 'round the clock trying to improve our website, so check this out: Is Nick Welsh confusing you with some obscure big word? Learn it. Double-click any word on our site and *bingo* you get a quick definition from Mostly these are spot on, but sometimes the inadvertent and possibly unrelated answers are even better. Now, everything is clickable! When did Martha Sadler write that article? Find it. Click on any writer's name on a story, and you will get a list of their most recent stories. Click further, and you can get every story with their byline. For a list of all our staffers, go to the top of our site and click on "Info | Contact Us." Need to find Starshine's article from a few months back? Got it. We have two ways to search our own Search bar, at the top of every page, and at the bottom of every page the Google search bar, specific to our site (and the rest of the Web, if you desire). Also our Archives (conveniently linked at the top of every page) allow you to dig directly. Share what you see. You can email any story to your friends. Print out any story. Share and save our content with many popular social networking sites (Digg, Reddit, Technorati, Facebook, Yahoo, Google, and more). More tech-heavy users can get all of our site sections sent automatically to your Blackberry or RSS-ed to your favorite news-reader as they appear. Even download our stories to your iPod. These tricks are all located in our "Article Tools" which appear in every story. We are compiling Santa Barbara's largest Events database; we want to list it all. But how can you keep track of all the attractive events and be reminded of when they are happening? provides two ways, by cell phone or by email. Just click on the Event Tools listing for your reminder, enter in your email address or cell phone number, and we take care of the rest. Get your reminder when and how you want it. And you can share your hot tip with a friend by using the built-in Email function. These tools appear in every listing in the "Event Tools" box. Confused by our site design? We show it. Check the Contents of our site, listed at the top of every page, which provides a short-hand look at our layout. And if you want your event listed, the "Submit your Event" link in our Event Calendar sends your message to our listings professionals.
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