Martha Sadler

Opinions Editor

Martha Sadler has worked on-and-off at The Independent since the mid-1980s, writing for every section of the paper except perhaps sports and fashion. As a news reporter, she engaged in thinly disguised advocacy journalism, promoting bike lanes and fast trains when covering transportation; and for public charter schools when covering education. She took a break from the paper to complete her university education, having abandoned it some years prior to pursue of a variety of misadventures and odd jobs, like cooking on a fishing boat, packing seafood, and bartending. Then she ran off to teach for a few years in the Los Angeles public schools, where the kids are brilliant and wonderful but the system is very troubled. Now she is very pleased to be editing Letters, Voices, and In Memoriams for The Independent. The sum total of the wisdom she has accrued so far in life is to remain calm, love yourself, enjoy life, and get along with others if you can.

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