Tanya Spears Guiliacci

Office Manager

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A Santa Barbara native, Tanya Spears Guiliacci started with The Indy in September 1988 and is currently the paper's office manager and legal clerk. Though she’s happy to say that 2015 will be her 27th year with the paper, Tanya is, more importantly, a proud single mother whose greatest gift has been raising her two beautiful daughters, Mercedes, who is 24 years old, lives on her own in Oregon and is the youngest Program Manager in her company with over 1,500 employees. She manages a team of over 80 customer service representatives. She’ll tell people her main hobby is reading by the river but if you ask me or her close friends she is really obsessed with her two cats -Jynx and Jax oh the million selfies! My youngest daughter NinaSimone, who is 22 years old works in the patient service center for a well-known local dental office she enjoys hiking rattle snake canyon weekly but her passion is Aztec dancing for the past four years. The intensity, conviction, freedom she dances with takes my breath away. She also has two cats – Ocelotl “Jaguar” and Tlalli “Earth” who love to play when it’s time to sleep. Tanya’s well known mother Mary (a.k.a. “Peter Gunn”) is in the Women's Softball Hall of Fame, so it's no wonder Tanya has been playing softball herself for 33 years. As the office’s momma/security/nurse/friend, her daily duties at The Indy are to protect and take care of everyone. But Tanya has never shied away from jumping at unique assignments, such as the time she covered the red carpet at Oprah Winfrey’s Legends Ball and proudly met almost every one of her role models such as Coretta Scott King, Senator Barack Obama and wife Michelle, Cicely Tyson, Maya Angelou, Sidney Poitier, Tina Turner, Patti Labelle, Smokey Robinson, Barbara Walters, Oprah Winfrey, Diana Ross, Mariah Carey and many, many more. I wouldn’t be the woman/mother/daughter I am today if it wasn’t for my mother Mary Spears. She is the true definition of gift, angel I’m blessed to have her for my mother. "Words could never describe the knowledge, gifts, experiences, and life lessons that I've learned growing up here at The Indy,” says Tanya. “We’re all family here. I feel honored.”

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