Tonea Songer

Client Representative

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Tonea Songer​ started in early 2013 ​as an ​Account Executive with ​The Independent​. After spending 10 years on the road as a territory sales rep, she thought it was time to trade-in the freeways of California for the 12 block radius ​between where she lives and work. She was born in LA, grew up in Orange County, spent many of her summers in San Diego, and when she came to UCSB in 1992 to ​pursue her degree, she knew she would never live anywhere else. She enjoys the beach, going to the Lake in Paso with friends, doing pilates, watching football and hosting parties! Favorite spot in town-Shoreline Park. Favorite beer- White Star. Favorite color-burgundy. Favorite show – Criminal Minds and most important, favorite sports team – The New Orleans Saints.

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