S.B. Parks & Recreation — Summer Camp 2017

2017 Summertime Fun with S.B. Parks & Recreation

For 70 years, the City of Santa Barbara Parks & Rec Department has been there for our children. This summer, they will offer more than 40 camps with 400 weekly or bi-weekly sessions at more than 18 locations to entertain and engage your camper! We’ve compiled a list of camp titles with phone numbers and websites for you to find out more information such as age requirements, dates, times, cost, location, and scholarship availability. You can contact them directly at 564-5418 or visit to register online.


Art from the Heart Camp
Call 966-9078.

Ballet Camp
Call 451-2304.

Ceramics Summer Clay Camp
Call 897-2519.

Chess Wizards Camp
Call 897-2519.

Hip-Hop with Everybody Dance Now!
Call 897-2519.

Kids Cook! Junior Chef Camp
Call 791-5593.

Language and Culture Camps
Call 699-6705.

Spotlight Kids Theater Camp
Call 897-2519.


Bizzy Girls Entrepreneurship Camp
Call 564-5495.

—  3D Printing Camp
—  Inventing Contraptions Camp
—  Minecraft Mod Making Camp
—  Jr. Robotics Camp
—  Wearables 3D Camp
—  Minecraft 3D Printing
—  Redstone and Electricity
—  Advanced Robotics
—  Spy Contraptions
—  Minecraft Mod Making Advanced
—  Scratch Games
Call 570-3269.

Hearts Beginner Horse Experience Camp
Call 964-1519.

Lego-Inspired Engineering Camps
— Intro to STEM with Lego 1 and 2
— STEM Challenge with Lego 1 and 2
—  Jedi Engineering Using Lego
—  Jedi Master Engineering Using Lego
— Pre-Engineering: Mine, Craft, Build Using Lego
—  Engineering FUNdamentals: Mine, Craft, Build Using Lego
—  Full-Day Lego-Inspired Engineering Camp
—  Mine, Craft, Build: Adventure Game Using Lego
—  Wheeled Wonders with Lego
—  Junkyard Challenge Using Lego
—  Mine, Craft, Build Survival Game Using Lego
—  Ninjaneering Using Lego
—  Ninjaneering Masters Using Lego
—  Robotics Using Lego WeDo
—  Robotics Using Lego Ev3
Call 564-5495.

General Outdoor

Call 897-2680.

Aquacamp Junior Counselors
Call 897-2680.

Camp Rad
Call 897-2680.

Camp Rad Junior Counselors
Call 897-2680.

Outta Bounds Camp and Junior Counselors
Call 564-5422.


AAA Beach Volleyball Camp
Call 897-2680.

Beach Volleyball Camp
Call 897-2680.

British Soccer Camp
Call 564-5422.

Club West Youth Running Camp
Call 564-5495.

Coast 2 Coast Soccer Camp
Call 564-5422.

Golf Camp
Call 687-7087.

Junior Lifeguards Camp
Call 897-2680.

Junior Lifeguards Nippers Camp
Call 897-2680.

Martial Arts Camps
Call 897-2519.

Skateboarding Camp
Call 564-5495.

Skateboarding Camp for Little Shredders
Call 564-5495.

SurfCamp for Kids
Call 897-2680.

Junior Tennis and Swim Camp
Call 564-5573.

Junior Tennis Camp
Call 564-5573.

Ultimate Frisbee Camp and Junior Counselors
Call 564-5422.

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