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Posted on November 30 at 5:06 p.m.

I sit corrected, then, empty, about Williams and the Jackson campaign. I was told that he was running it. As for the "divisive", missing (sorry!) are commas: "and most of all the candidate herself, who for all the money rasied(sic)/spent on those expensive flyers touting herself, is divisive." It's Jackson who is divisive, not - d'oh - the flyers, although they might be considered so also, but that's expected of advertising. She may well have "positioned herself" as a bi-partisan (would-be) leader but that's not how she is perceived by many.

The amount of money in that campaign was obscene: Strickland with $6 mil; Jackson with $4 mil. Once the final vote tallies are in, it will be interesting to see how much was spent/voter. As a registered Democrat, I received masses of flyers from Jackson, most of them ego trips, few of them helpful. The post office boxes were overflowing with that glossy, non-recycled junk mail.

Where does one find the final tallies of campaign income - campaign outgo?

On Hannah-Beth Jackson Concedes to Tony Strickland

Posted on November 30 at 9:04 a.m.

To blame Jackson's loss on "a weak, poorly structured and unfocused effort, which is what Hannah-Beth was handicapped by due to an inexperienced campaign manager", as does the emptynewsroom, is very surprising. Didn't Das Williams manage her campaign, if not be campaign manager, then high up there is the campaign leaders? He certainly has boasted frequently of his work as a political consultant/manager.

I don't know what is the blame for her loss, probably a combination of factors, the LA district, the NP editorials, and most of all the candidate herself who for all the money rasied/spent on those expensive flyers touting herself is divisive. Her "come together" concession speech is laughable or at least smileable, coming from that candidate. I heard many say, a plague on both their houses, better to vote for neither, or the lesser of two evils - hardly a ringing endorsement.

On Hannah-Beth Jackson Concedes to Tony Strickland

Posted on November 20 at 10:17 p.m.

And Roger Horton has asked that his vote be reconsidered so it is coming back again. Apparently, he's changed his mind.... Strange, since there was an amply detailed staff report before last Tuesday's meeting and much discussion and push by staff and Williams and House, especially, at the meeting for the competing Council amendment to be on the ballot. Guess he listened to other voices after the meeting.

On No Dueling Height Wars

Posted on November 5 at 12:54 p.m.

Good post.

Increasingly resentfully, I tossed those Jackson-Strickland ads into the post office trash bin, aware the PO does not recycle, but not wanting all that glossy paper junk. I wasn't going to vote for either of them; I heard others saying similarly. Eventually, I voted for Jackson because the N-P columns were so vicious I figured she couldn't be all that bad. ...In fact, I don't really care which of them wins a recount: both seem self-aggrandizing and awful.

Those ads did not inform of positions, at least not in any believable way, no more than any other advertisement.

Indeed, there should be an opt-out option as there is for junk telephone calls.

Btw, the phrase to "beg the question" does NOT mean to ask the question. Instead, it means a logical fallacy.

On None

Posted on September 16 at 6:47 a.m.

They keep trying to blame this other "Ricardo". Where is he? Is he charged for this crime?

On Defense Begins Calling Witnesses in Juarez Trial

Posted on September 14 at 10:53 a.m.

Unbelievable comments here about foreign students studying English in this city! No wonder this country has such an increasingly poor reputation abroad.

As for the housing, I believe there are housing standards applicable to all. I wonder, too, since Dario Pini is involved in at least on of the houses, if where these students are being housed have all the required city permits.

I hope the City housing department will investigate the practices of EF and other schools that either provide or recommend specific housing. It should be part of the business licensing if it is not already.

On Student Objects to Housing Provided by EF School

Posted on September 13 at 6:52 a.m.

The second suicide in a month calls out for a barrier. Perhaps it need not be as high as originally proposed but there should be something to deter suicides from THIS place, THIS bridge.

I was originally not in favor of a barrier because there were apparently very few, but now with three already this year....

It may be people will go elsewhere - who can know!!! But at least spending CalTrans (state, not county) money here would deter at that place and save County employees time (and money) from yet another hunt for a body, not to mention the horror that must have been felt by the motorists who saw the man sitting on the railing.

On Man's Bridge Jump Leads to Death

Posted on September 8 at 10:59 a.m.

I think the biggest problem in this area (and worldwide) is the hugely increased human population. In this southern California area, most of the population increase is from immigration, whether legal or not.

We've got to work with it or work to change the laws and enforcement of same.

As for the pouring cooking oil down a street drain, I believe it and have dealt with similar issues with workers at Carls Jr., but it has to do with ignorance rather than race or nationality. Where we need to spend the money is on schooling --- check out the shocking disparity of test scores of Franklin, Harding, Caesar Chavez, ... and other schools that are predominantly (85-95%) Hispanic compared with others. (links available in the 9/04 Kuznia article in Noozhawk about SB High and No Child Left Behind.)

On Battle Over Oil Hardly Over

Posted on August 17 at 2:21 p.m.

Mrs Flacks is again wrong: there were three paid signature gatherers, no more than two at any one time - and they were not paid by the signature, but hourly. It's true, though, there are quite a few people who thought they lived in Santa Barbara but are not within the city boundaries. And there may have been some of Flacks' cohorts who signed it with illegible addresses. We'll find out in 30 days or so.

A good fair story, sketching the issues clearly. Thanks for it.

(LOL at Flacks's insistence no one would want to live in houses with 8-foot-tall ceilings; maybe that's so on her Upper East, but that's certainly not so on the Lower East, where I live, or on much of Marine Terrace or the Mesa. True, though, that the new McMansions and McMansion wanna-be's indeed have taller ceilings.)

On Let the Height Wars Begin

Posted on August 7 at 12:22 p.m.

Doesn't the owner of any property have the obligation of cleaning it up and removing healthy/safety hazards like rats and whatever else is there? Why is it, that the property is a mess, an argument for Caruso to sweep by Montecito's planning requirements? Maybe he should show some good faith and less contempt for the community and clean up the mess he bought and continued.

On The End of Caruso's Miramar?

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