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Posted on August 7 at 10:57 a.m.
save the planet............

On Former Mayor of Dish, Texas, Speaks Out

Posted on June 16 at 8:15 a.m.

Saying a movie 'star' is "........... quite approachable and friendly..........", is a lot like saying a black person is 'well-spoken'.
This story is celebrity worship at its best. Oh, and their toys, whether it's wine, cars, 'art', or real estate, they are so knowledgeable.
They have to hide it($) somewhere buddy, they can't possibly spend it all!

On Editing Wine with Kurt Russell

Posted on April 23 at 9:53 p.m.

Bombed into perversion, haven't you people ever watched Japanese porn? All of a sudden the picture goes blurry right when the camera pans into the good parts lathering all over themselves. This can be connected directly to radiation poisoning of the vitreous humor.

On Navy Closes San Miguel Island to Look for Old Bombs

Posted on April 14 at 1:20 p.m.

I disagree Foo - votes in our prospering Oligarchy are printed at the Mint. You are FOOling yourself, unless of course you have lots of vote$ to stoke the fire. In that case old chap, bully for you.

On Scalia: $3.5 Mil Just Chump Change

Posted on March 27 at 10:26 a.m.

Yes, in cosmic time, I 'just realized this is an Oligarchy', the same goes for you my friend.

On UCSB Chancellor Henry Yang & Co. Building $1.4 Billion Telescope

Posted on March 26 at 10:16 p.m.

Oh, and I am all in favor of building this telescope and any other scientific experiment that will give as much of a return as this example. Now if it will be paid for out of the UC campus' endowments, that would be fine, but something tells me it will, in a round about way, end up being paid for by the taxpayer. The ones who contribute the most revenue, the ones who spend every dime they make to make ends meet, and are taxed on every dime they make with a payroll tax, and again with a sales tax, a property tax, excise taxes, fuel 'surcharges' and more. Bully for UCSB, too bad they couldn't have built it on Santa Cruz Island.

On UCSB Chancellor Henry Yang & Co. Building $1.4 Billion Telescope

Posted on March 26 at 9:56 p.m.

Are you people living in the same Oligarchy as I am?

On UCSB Chancellor Henry Yang & Co. Building $1.4 Billion Telescope

Posted on March 5 at 6:21 p.m.

Anybody want to bet that the writer of this letter "knows where the first penny he or she earned is". Anyone that comes into a restaurant and expects a floorshow from their server, or to be entertained, or made to feel like you are really special and, maybe just maybe, this could 'grow into something', probably isn't there to eat at all. YOUR NEEDY, buy yourself a blow-up buddy and stay home, or go to a Red Lobster (on opening day). If a server is polite, knows the menu, serves what you ordered in a timely fashion, and is there when you need her (within reason), then give her a 20% tip. You have gotten what you came in to the restaurant for in the first place. As for that IRS, give me a break, like you are sitting at home every April trying to figure out how you can be more fair to the IRS. Servers are lucky if they redeem a minimum wage to begin with, so why is tipping so hard to fathom? And no, you shouldn't have to tip everyone that is paid minimum wage.....there I beat you to another worn out, inane question. You happen to live in a part of the world where thousands of people are employed as servers in restaurants because millions of people visit every year. They seldom make minimum wage and your tip probably makes the difference as to whether they can afford to live in Santa Barbara and continue to serve. It's not as easy as you might think to survive in paradise.

On Service with a Smile

Posted on February 28 at 1:34 p.m.

I lived and worked in Santa Barbara for 25 years and worked as a bartender, cook, and manager in restaurants all over town. Most of, if not all, of those establishments are gone. I made really good money in the mom-and-pops that had been in the area for many years and just average in a few high end venues. Having worked in San Francisco, Monterey, and for the last 20 years in downtown Chicago, I would have to say Santa Barbara was probably the most difficult. Number one, tourists come from all over the world and it is never quite clear whether you are dealing with custom, ignorance, or they are using you. As for locals, it doesn't sound like things have improved since I left in the 90's and moved to downtown Chicago. Believe me in Chicago I began to wish they would leave less of a tip as my admonishment for mistakes or poor service. Nothing doing, you'll get your tip no matter what, and if there was a problem, you are going to hear about it with both barrels.
As for the separate checks, I can remember this as an issue in Santa Barbara, the solution seems to be a good cashier, or a manager who understands what this can do to his wait staff's timing and the ensuing problems in the kitchen. It should not be 'handled' by the waiter, period!
I am sure every server has had days, sometimes to many, and wanted to write the letter that Mr. Hutchins has written. As always it ruffles the feathers, as it should. I don't know where he works, how long he has been there, or how long the restaurant itself has been there.....these are all factors. In the 'old days' if you worked in a well established joint and you built up a clientele, you didn't have to worry. Today a well established place in Santa Barbara is maybe two years old, add to that an unpredictable tourist trade, and of course the 'local' yokels from Everywhere, USA........and the beat goes on. Hats off to Mr. Hutchins, it takes a certain amount of courage to even write such a letter considering backlash, and what it could do to a server's reputation in a small community like Santa Barbara. As for the restaurant customers on here, remember, as the old saying goes, 'when you find a waiter who is a waiter and not an actor, writer, musician or poet, you've found a jewel'.

On Don't Skip the Tip

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