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Posted on February 9 at 1:17 p.m.

i think the 2nd amendment does protect my right,my individual right to own a firearm of my choosing.the framers left many letters attesting to there positive view that as citizens not subjects we are entitled to be for the common canard they knew nothing of powerful weapons in our hands. cannons anyone?there bad ass,and still with us, any one may possess one and many do,in 2013.i respect the argument to ban everything,though i vehemently disagree .this concept of" good guns"and" bad guns"is dumb,a so called civilian assault weapon is another's sporting rifle.I'm old enough to remember if only zip gun's could be eliminated or Saturday nite specials were outlawed all will be well. since 1952 all the mass shootings occurred at no gun allowed areas or events except for gabby giffords [out side public area]check it out.even the most rabid gun banners say hunting arms are ok,shotguns anyone?the right weapon for crowd control evidenced by patrol cars in america one cop one shotgun devastating with buck shot or worse.i don't own a clip fed rifle but handguns are crucial to have clip feed for safe defense and fast battery in time of need.

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