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Posted on October 19 at 12:35 a.m.

The NRC used an oil company engineering firm that's been connected to the industry since the 40's as the contractor that doesn't even have a geology division.

How much you wanna bet that these guys didn't do anything more than review PG&E's 2011 report claiming that Shoreline wasn't a danger. The NRC is pulling a fast one by using this contractor, making it appear as if there was actually some kind of independent investigation.

This is another example of how NRC does everything possible to help clear the way of any real issues. I can imagine PG&E on the phone to the NRC, asking for their help to pull this off!

There should a requirement that every time a nuclear company contacts the NRC, it keeps records of everything the two of them say that is available to the public.

On Feds Say Diablo Canyon Earthquake Safe

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