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Posted on November 5 at 7:08 a.m.

I appreciate the article on Prop 37 (and especially the Independent's endorsement of Yes on 37). I just wish the reporter had done a bit more research. When one side has shown such a blatant and longstanding disregard for the truth as the corporations behind No on 37, the conventional "fair and balanced" format in which both sides are given equal time to state their claims is not as conducive to finding out the real story as more in-depth fact-checking. This is especially necessary when every major newspaper in the state has obligingly parroted No on 37's arguments. There is no proof that GMOs are safe, but there are many animal studies that show alarming rates of illness, not just the recent study done in France (which by the way used the same type of rats and size of control group that Monsanto did to prove their crops were safe, but the Monsanto study was ended after 90 days. The French one went on for two years, and the cancers started appearing in the fourth month.) Many, many farmers support Prop 37, including all the organic ones. I am sure the farmers who grow GMOs would not intentionally harm our health, but Monsanto and the other GMO seed sellers are withholding information from them as well. Also, the $400 figure for increased food costs came from a study commissioned by Monsanto, while an independent study done at Emory University School of Law (as well as the experience of Europe and other countries with labeling laws) show there will be no increase. We all have a right to decide what we want to ingest and feed our families! Let's join 61 countries and claim our rights! Yes on 37!

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