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Posted on September 7 at 5:42 a.m.

I am amazed that Americans are resisting National Health Care as they are the only advanced western country to do so. It does not cost more because when you spread the coverage to everyone the costs go down. Canada spends a lot less than the US and has full coverage. I am a lawyer and I don't really need public healthcare but I like to go to bed at night knowing all Canadians have healthcare.
My husband had a terrible accident and was hospitalized for 5 years and I never received a bill. The talk of long wait times are overblown. If you are seriously ill you get treated immediately in emergency while those who are less ill have to wait. Wouldn't you want this to be how you are treated if you ended up in the emergency ward with a serious injury. Doctors have not suffered because they always get paid when the state pays and they are still the highest earning professionals in the country. How can Americans spend billions securing democracy in Afghanistan and Iraq and not look after their own fellow citizens?

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