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Posted on September 4 at 11:19 a.m.

Great obituary about a very classy man! And written by a very accomplished life partner. Thank you Gayle!

On Daniel R. Shackman, MD: 1941-2014

Posted on October 18 at 10:56 a.m.

Very Sad. I knew Ugo and Mark when they bid against Joe Bailey and Frank Schipper for our Arlington Apartments project. Mark had just finished college and Ugo kept complaining that he went to college. But I liked Mark's spirit and Ugo's experience and Steve Pivato who is a very classy guy. Not that Frank and Joe aren't outstanding contractors, but Mark promised the sun and the moon and much more so I gave Melchiori the job. At the time, it was the largest job they had ever done (1 million), and they did a very good job and Mark kept his word on everything and Ugo and Steve were right there to take care of every detail. I was very impressed and continued to be impressed as they grew. But then the rumors started, and the complaints increased. I don't know how much Ugo dying had to do with it and I don't know if Steve is still there, but it is all very sad.

On Melchiori Files for Bankruptcy

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