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Posted on August 10 at 1:01 p.m.

I'm no fireman but there has got to be a better solution than burning down the entire backcountry. I understand strategic backburning in order to save homes but to give up on the entire area is a horrible approach. Hwy 33 to the east is still a month away from the fire - as frequently as things changfor the better. Not to mention the very real risk that the backfire gets out of control. Seems to drastic to me!

Say your temporary goodbyes to wildlife, trees, water quality, access, and backpacking season anywhere in SB County.

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Posted on August 7 at 6:01 p.m.

Any word on protecting the Tin Shack? The fire should end up down that way if its in the Alamar. Also no one has mentioned the 'Loma Pelona / Victor' fire road as a possible location to fend back the fire. That road is clear from a few years back and goes right along a very steep mostly rocky ridge between Indian and Mono. Seems they might be able to hold the fire on the west side and perhaps backburn the grasses of Loma Pelona. Any word on that scenario or has the forest service given up all hope of preventing eastern movement until Monte Arido Rd?

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