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Posted on June 13 at 1:29 p.m.

100% agree. Past gun buyback programs (in L.A. for example) have yielded non-functional guns, BB guns, old inherited junk (Saturday night special) guns, stolen guns (from US National Guard armories)... "Do something!" politics is why we spend public money on non-fixes and well-intentioned but unfortunate consequences "solutions." I wish we'd put this time and energy into addressing rampant mental health problems instead.

On Unintended Consequences

Posted on June 29 at 4:55 p.m.

If we all boycott every business in there until he moves forward with the Miramar, will that work (to get the Miramar going again)? Color me skeptical, and mad about the continuing Miramar stall jobs and special deals.

On Rick Caruso Takes Over Paseo Nuevo

Posted on May 28 at 1:27 p.m.

Superb reporting, Ray. Thank you very much.

On White Fire Threatens Santa Ynez Recreation Area

Posted on May 15 at 11:29 a.m.

This is so sad for all involved. I hope the lessons shared will be that no one should ever get so drunk that they are a danger to themselves and/or others. I too lost a friend who was so drunk he fell off a bar stool, hit his head, and died. Getting wasted is truly beyond my understanding.

On Details Revealed in Fatal Hit-and-Run Case

Posted on April 11 at 5:53 p.m.

Sigh, one can only dream... We (SB Co) can't maintain the infrastructure we have; adding more at this time isn't affordable. I'm glad the state (CA) is forced to accept this easement instead, but they can't afford it either. I wish we could do as LoonPt suggests, and just provide a bike path or maybe a restricted road and parking lot too, 1-2 miles in.

However, the reality is that even with explicit signs saying, 'private property,' folks will trespass. And they always leave their trash behind. (If you can hike it in full, you can haul it out empty! Leave no trace.) I'd love to be able to share these beaches responsibly. The problem is that too many people are inconsiderate and irresponsible.

On Hollister Ranch Showdown

Posted on April 10 at 7:10 p.m.

The hunters should not have shot the dog. The dog should not have been off leash AND out of sight. This situation is unlikely to happen again, as Ranger Smith indicated.

The people that are anti-hunting, pro off-leash, or horrified might consider funding one solution. The Forest Service is strapped, with too many responsibilities and not enough money to fund even the necessities, and certainly not the niceties. If you want 3-fold pamphlets informing people that hunting on public lands is legal, and that you need to share the Los Padres -- the land of many uses -- then you could pay to produce and distribute those pamphlets. Hunters already pay more for conservation and wild lands preservation with their hunting licenses than any hikers do.

Californians are weird and out of touch with real nature. Wild pigs are destroying many areas of our forests, and hunting them aggressively is a good thing. In more rural states, like Montana, where most everyone hunts, dog owners know that they are responsible for their dogs, and that a dog harassing a cow, a person, or a deer (any other animal) can be shot. Most people try not to shoot a pet, but the pet owner is responsible for their pets' behavior, and misbehavior is not tolerated if it threatens others.

I would hope the hunters would do what is ethical, and apologize and offer to buy the owners another dog. Dogs aren't interchangeable, but offering to buy the owner a new dog has been the tradition in ethical hunting for hundreds of years.

On Dogs Versus Hunters in the Backcountry

Posted on March 7 at 12:45 p.m.

I'd like to politely agree with the first comment. A map showing the general area preserved would be helpful, please. There are a lot of big ranches between west Goleta and Lompoc on 1 or Buellton on 101. I'd like a better indication of what got preserved.

On 14,000 Gaviota Acres Permanently Preserved

Posted on July 3 at 11:06 a.m.

I'd like the current two parties to lose power. They're both equally extreme and equally corrupt. The fact that Maldonado did not get their endorsement is a positive for me. It means he's not their puppet, which is a good thing.

On Capps and Maldonado Trade Jabs in Ads and Emails

Posted on June 13 at 8:58 a.m.

Matt, Thank you for superb reporting. I was online trying to find out *where* on West Camino Cielo the fire was, and you showed your professional reporter chops by being the only report to actually tell me.

On Fire Near Refugio Road

Posted on April 11 at 10:19 p.m.

I discovered this, to my dismay, on Tuesday. I'm encouraging everyone who shopped there to call or email them to ask them to reopen their Goleta outlet. Good bread at half price is really important in this brutal economy. Please call 1-800-984-0989, M-F, 8-8 EST, or submit a comment via their web page:

On Entenmann’s-Oroweat Bakery Outlet Closes

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