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Posted on September 1 at 11:51 p.m.

A family member of mine, native born American, with a valid Oregon driver's license, was stopped by police in S.B. for a technical violation while driving my car. A tiny chip of red plastic had been knocked out of my car's rear tail light. (Big deal!) When they ran her driver's license, it came up as "suspended in California" because it was claimed that three years earlier she failed to pay a parking ticket. She allegedly did not respond to warnings mailed to her former address in S.B. (She had moved to Oregon in the interim.) This was the first she heard of this. But my car was impounded on the spot. She could have phoned me to come drive it safely away. Instead, she and I had to pay over $1200 in related tow charges and fines. It was awful. It was not at all just. I hope that the present impound policy is swiftly and dramatically changed along the lines proposed.

On Should a driving without a license ticket have a 20-minute grace period before impound?

Posted on August 21 at 3:44 p.m.

The greater good in this case is to provide for ample bike / pedestrian paths beside Foorhill Road, where open ditches once stood.
It's hard to understand how roadside parking places will be lost in areas that were formerly open ditches.
The parking areas that were, in fact, areas above ditches, that were previously filled in by residents, may have to be moved further into the properties for safety's sake. Let's hope the owners can carve out the parking areas they need. Some hedges may have to go, but they can be replaced.
And, oh yeah --- shock of all shocks -- some garages that are now used for storage might actually have to be reclaimed as garages. (How un-Californian)

On Parking Woes on Foothill Road

Posted on July 31 at 10:47 a.m.

This sounds like a case of two profoundly lonely people in a relationship that worked for them for many years. Granted it was out of the norm, out of bounds. We are too quick as a society to criminalize the variants. I will not cast the first stone.

On Woman Accused of Sex with Minor

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