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Posted on March 14 at 12:32 p.m.

Kudos to Edythe!

On 105-Year-Old Woman Gets Birthday Wish

Posted on December 14 at 5:13 p.m.

WooWoo, the effort to raise private funds to build a rink was started by a group of local enthusiasts who know that having a rink will be a great asset to the community: for kids, for adults...everyone.

Ada is right. We need Santa to step in with another 750k so we can take out our loans and fund-raise the last portion as we build. Perhaps you have $750k? I know a way your heart can grow 3 sizes!!!

On More Money-Raising for Goleta Ice Rink

Posted on April 30 at 6:18 p.m.

There seem to be a couple of misconceptions about the rink out there that are driving the criticism of it:

1. Funding: Vast majority of funding is private donations. Goleta did commit some money to the cause, but that was specifically from their parks and rec budget, so it isn't taking from Schools or Libraries. To date, we've raised over 4mm dollars!

2. Appeal: The rink in Oxnard is actually doing quite well. Busy all week in the evenings and all day and night on weekends. Lots of figure skating, well attended open skating (I took my kids to it 3 weeks ago! They loved it) and a healthy youth and adult hockey league.

3. The Ice Patch (the old rink that was on the Mesa) closed: The previous rink in SB was "for profit" and run in an old warehouse that didn't make it sustainable. All new rinks are being designed to be much more energy and resource efficient. Also, it is my understanding that it started out being run b/c one family was interested in having a rink for their daughter to skate at. After she was done, they didn't want to run it and sold the lot for offices. But ask folks if they remember skating there and you get a lot of smiles.

4. Youth/Disabled programs: As a non-profit, it's much easier for the rink to solicit private donations to help out with these. Luckily for us, Santa Barbara has a host of civic minded donors who have been really supportive of these two groups that are being targeted by the rink Board. Check out some of the videos of sled hockey ( It's really amazing. Hopefully, we'll be a destination rink for tournaments (which might even bring a bit of tax revenue to the town!).

5. Indoor/Year-round activities: Outside of Zodos, try naming a few places for kids to go for structured indoor activities. There really aren't a lot of them in town. Hockey, broomball, skating and curling are fun for all kinds of folks...and there are lots of folks in warm climates like Santa Barbara that love ice sports.

6. Support for sports: Most of the kids who go through the program might not end up as Pro skaters/curlers/hockey players, but the goal is to teach them to be part of a team, learn how to exercise and hopefully, put them on the track to leading a healthy lifestyle.

If anyone is particularly concerned with this project, please don't hesitate to contact the Greater Santa Barbara Ice Skating Association to share those:

On Developers Pitch Look for Goleta Ice Rink

Posted on December 7 at 12:49 p.m.


Certainly a valid issue, but there are a few reasons why the city won't be burdened:

1. There *is* demand here in SB. There is a study on that the non-profit did to validate the project. Additionally, the Channel Islands Ice Rink in Oxnard is doing very well.

2. Non-Profit status will help. GSBISA can raise funds from private donors should we have an issue with the fees they will charge users.

3. If the site falls into disrepair, the property actually goes back to the developer of the Camino Real Marketplace.

Also, as a skater myself, I can tell you that rollerblading and roller hockey don't really compare to the "real thing". Additionally, roller blading/hockey is skewed heavily towards boys and the rink will balance that out so that there are lots of girls involved.

I'm glad to see that they are well on their way to breaking ground!

On Ice Rink Project Gets $250,000

Posted on June 8 at 10:19 p.m.

The vote was to get Venoco to go through proper channels (city council) to get their drilling platform. They gambled and tried to circumvent the existing structure of city government b/c they thought it would be easier.

Now they face an uphill climb to get this done. I hope they try to work with Carpinterians to make this happen in a less intrusive, more safe way because the revenue would certainly be useful to a great town like Carp if they can mitigate the town's concerns!

On 2010 Election Results Are In

Posted on March 8 at 3:11 p.m.

GiGi and loonpt,

Sustainability is a huge part of the plans for the rink. If you recall the Ice Patch, one of the reasons it is no longer around is it was not designed as an ice rink from the get-go.

The GSBISA is very focused on the overall sustainability of the rink. As we get closer to digging, there will be a lot more detail on this aspect.


On Ice Rink Dreamers Congregate

Posted on March 5 at 11:10 p.m.

@ GayGirlNSB: if you want it, go for it...but it won't happen on it's own. There has been a lot of work on the ice rink in the last few years by a number of dedicated folk in town. There already is a roller hockey league and they may be good people to talk to about your idea (since I know they are interested in it too:)

On Goleta Ice Rink Skates Closer to Reality

Posted on March 5 at 5 p.m.

@emenzies: There is a director (newly hired) who used is working on the capital campaign full time: Ada Connor (

If you want to stay up-to-date on things, "become a fan" at the GSBISA facebook page:

On Goleta Ice Rink Skates Closer to Reality

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