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Posted on June 18 at 3:12 a.m.

Holly says, "When are we going to wake up and realize we are all being had on by a clever marketing juggernaut which is slowly conning the public into believing it can't live without this product?"

I almost fell out of my seat laughing at this entirely ignorant comment! Hmm, let's see, wine's been around for thousands of years, so please enlighten us on who exactly this "clever marketing juggernaut" is that has managed to sell such a powerful product that spans pretty much every race, creed and civilization since recorded history and beyond! I'm sure there are many big businesses that would hire this phantom "clever marketing juggernaut" in a heartbeat with a track record like that!

And I am completely stumped with how bicycle racing is lumped together with wine and gambling!??!!!?? Can anyone explain that one for me? One of the healthiest forms of exercise and the promotion of it is somehow tainting this beautiful area of ours? Hmmm...sampling a bit too much of the dispensary's product, Holly? Well, when the fog that seems to be clouding your judgement lifts for just a moment, maybe you'd be so kind as to further expound on the evils of a centuries old fermented beverage that even churches use as a holy sacrament and your so-called "marketing juggernaut" as well as the evils of bicycle racing and how exactly it is that your drug-induced brain has managed to link these two things together along with gambling....

Oh, and just so you don't try to use a post again to further your own dispensary politics, I have no problem with tasting rooms, gambling, bike races OR EVEN dispensaries! I DO have a problem with ignorance, bigotry, and a mindless adherence to doctrine though!

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