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Posted on April 23 at 1:13 a.m.

Equal terms for equal people.

The time is now for civil rights to take precedence over property rights. Property rights have had superior status since the Pharaoh dominated the Hebrews, the lord of the manor took first privilege on marriage night, and landlords can kick out tenants on an at will lease at will.

90 days in Santa Barbara? More like 6 months.

Kick out only for cause.

Any apartment building over 12 units has a mandatory resident's association.

The resident's association can vote out the management company.

Why is it that those who rent an apartment have fewer rights than those who buy a house? Is there something in the constitutions of the United States or California that says you get second class citizenship because you buy space as a renter rather than buy space as a home owner?

On Tenants Fight for Rights

Posted on April 23 at 12:48 a.m.

In good times everybody is a buddy and gets a pat on the back.
In bad times everybody is a jerk and gets a poke in the eye.

Lighten up, folks. Making other people wrong does not make money come faster.

Money is a means, not an end.

Money is a reward, a diploma, not a way of life, but a part of life.

Make money your god and it will plague you like the devil.

Do not let money get in the way of your prosperity.

Circumstances have nothing to do with my serenity.

On Budget Bomb Dropped

Posted on April 21 at 12:44 a.m.

What does a rock band on a stage making offensive noise pollution and a fenced in beer garden have to do with Earth Day? Good causes that turn to contrary means to raise money have lost their integrity and their purpose for being.

While Santa Barbara may be proud to be the origin of Earth Day, I am not sure that celebrating it with beer and noise is the appropriate way to do it, especially considering the party hearty debacle at the IV beach last year and not so much this year, which took so much public money to prevent it from happening again it could be considered a toxic dump for community resources.

Has Earth Day turned into just another excuse to drink and party like the beer hall section of State Street on designated drunk days?

On Earth Day: Bigger and Better Than Ever

Posted on April 19 at 11:43 a.m.

If drinking and having a good time is
irresponsible pollution,
wandering the streets drunk,
peeing here, pissing there,
drinking to become someone else,
blotting you mind,
overwhelming the area resources,
residents having to pay price,
then I suggest those who think so go to an AA meeting.

On Nothing Like Last Year

Posted on April 16 at 2:18 a.m.

Here is the attorney general's website

This site will get you to a map of where they live. (Click agreement at bottom of page.)

I once saw a website that showed the pictures of those registered, but was not able to find it this time.

On Genise Schu’s Molestation Victim Sues Her

Posted on April 16 at 1:51 a.m.

So, where are the Republican
subject, verb, "small government,"
subject, verb, "tax break," comments?
Where are the "Hey, government works" comments?
Too busy painting Holloweeny pictures of Obama?
Too busy displaying those so fey hip hugger, teeny peeny guns?
Too busy wearing tea bag hats preaching aggressive violence, murder, and mayhem.?

You folks may be getting the noise news, but the rest of us are puking in our mental buckets waiting for voting day to bring down your apocalyptic, martyrdom, doomsday, black and white, yelling, liberty defying, freedom threatening, my way or the highway, destroy is good avarice.

I hope the Democrats, the party of wimp, wake up as well.

On County Re-assesses Property Taxes

Posted on April 13 at 9:57 p.m.

The shape of the glass influences the weight of the waft of flavor ascending into the Schnozzola?

As an alcoholic, I can say, keep the glass, gimme the bottle, leave me alone, and I'll show you glass, the bottom of the articulately guzzled bottle. Hrmph.

For fine wining dining, visit Cabrillo Ball Park, home of the heavy sluggers. Ask the experts about sniff and sip, waft and swallow, and breathe in and suck up.

For those who have the time and avocation to participate in differentiating in the different tingles of their tongue and nose, this nerve, no the next one over, oh my, that was so subtle a difference, tee hee, and have the extra meat between the ears to discuss such other revealing topics such as, oh my is the mayor pregnant yet, will Double Tree ever change its name to Double Over Charged, if God is omniscient why did she invent science, how come car and pet makes carpet, why are people still saying twothousandten rather than twenty ten we never heard anyone say onethousandninehundredten, but nineteen ten, and finally if you are reading this, you need to do it with a bottle of wine in some oxygenated glass. Hurray for Serendipity and Saran is dippity.

On A Glass for Every Grape?

Posted on April 13 at 9:17 p.m.

Grunion run?
Typical male, grunt and run.

On Running with the Grunion

Posted on April 11 at 9:29 a.m.

My choice is Joyce.

I thought both candidates presented themselves well.

I think Ms. Dudley was more pointed in her remarks giving statistics and corrections.

Mr. Linn preferred to attack.
Ms. Dudley got in her licks by responding with corrections. Fun.

Trying to be as unbiased as possible, were I new to both of them, I would give Ms. Dudley more points, out of 100, I would give her 60 and Mr. Linn 40.

On DA Candidates Duke it Out

Posted on April 7 at 12:22 p.m.

Move UCSB to Buellton.

The problem is not just the students, but UCSB and the California Board of Regents who are not willing to take responsibility for the overcrowding imposed upon Isla Vista and Goleta. It is the 600 pound gorilla.

If University of California housing building was made to comply or be made to obtain a letter of permission or compliance from surrounding communities rather than have no legal obligation to respond to the impact they make on surrounding communities, this mess may have been avoided.

On County Declares 'No Float Zone'

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