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Posted on May 16 at 8:02 a.m.

There is a reason why cities like Santa Maria have grown larger than Santa Barbara: they welcome business and desire a strong diverse tax base.

The City of Santa Barbara continues their policy against industry and base everything upon tourism. Once the harbor is closed down to commercial fishing, the cabinet makers, machine shops, and other trade related businesses have moved north or south to friendlier municipalities, all we need is another oil spill to put the nail in the coffin of a totally lopsided local economy.

Even Forest Gump could do better?

On End of an Era?

Posted on May 13 at 10:29 a.m.

I don't think it is prudent to contribute to an already unacceptable percentage of local unemployment.

The businesses in question serve citizens in our community in a multitude of ways, pay their taxes, some are homeowners, spouses, parents and registered voters.

I had a surfboard factory for years in the funk zone, and many parents brought their children down to my shop to watch me shape, or paint, or glass what many considered, pieces of "performance art".

Considering that the business owners are currently working with landlord Nancarrow to comply and eliminate risks and other safety issues, I see no reason why the city cannot move toward a swift and equitable resolve.

With our harbor, the Channel Islands, the riviera, and a rare southern exposure, we are unique to other towns in California. But something bad will happen if the powers that be insists on homogenizing Santa Barbara to the point of sterility.

On End of an Era?

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