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Posted on December 4 at 7:52 p.m.

Thank you Independent for publishing this beautifully written piece. The author clearly has a way with words, and is talented with authentic,writing from the heart.
I gathered so many emotions from this article, and it has left me with much to reflect on.
First and foremost, this woman's husband walked out on his commitment, his children, and his vows. The author has been forced to reevaluate her life, her future and redefine herself in these new circumstances. She chose not to play the victim, but to find out what she is really made of. I see so much strength in her determination to sort the mess of an unexpected divorce.
I don't think the question or controversy is about working, or not working, I think it is about finding yourself once you are betrayed and finding fulfillment again. The author is clearly a bright, educated, and insightful in her journey with this new reality. She is redefining "Role Mother" in her spirit. I know without a doubt her children are blessed to have this kind, loyal, intelligent woman to call mom. Keep up the writing, you evoke us, intrigue us, and leave us wanting more!

On Role Mother

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