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Posted on September 16 at 10:18 p.m.

AShaw; Bush has been using soldiers both dead and alive for political statements ever since he tried to tie Iraq to 9/11 and landed on a carrier to announce "mission accomplished". If you want to get angry at someone try focusing on the guy who has caused the deaths of over 4000 troops and the maiming of tens of thousands more.
I notice the cameras are always available when he visits the troops but banned from photographing returning coffins.
Want to honor soldiers? Try to avoid getting them killed for spurious reasons. I HOPE that is part of the message at Arlington West, and I HOPE it works.

On None

Posted on August 25 at 12:42 p.m.

Once again Scott Hadley shows his rare mix of spine and morals. First to walk away from a job at the News Press even when that walking away made life harder for him and now stepping up and reporting on a war that has been pushed far from the front pages of most dailies and is reported on in terms of policy rather than at the ground level of our troops who are grinding it out day-in and day-out. Whether one believes in this war or not, these soldiers are fighting in our name and deserve to be remembered and lauded. Thanks, Scott, for keeping them close.


On Return from Iraq

Posted on June 11 at 7:52 a.m.

As I have posted once before in this forum, there is a bridge in Washington DC, the Duke Ellington Bridge, over Rock Creek Park that for many years was known as "suicide bridge' due to the significant number of people who jumped to their deaths. So ugly barriers were put up at huge cost. Suicidal folk then strolled over to the Taft Bridge and continued jumping. And that was downtown bridge in easy reach of many thousands. If someone is willing to drive all the way out to Cold Springs to jump they will drive somewhere else too. As for the Golden Gate comment, if someone is found despondent one can presume that they perhaps were not too suicidal or else they would have been found floating instead. This reminds me of 1993 when a Pakistani terrorist jumped out of his car at an intersection near CIA headquarters in N. Virginia and shot a lot of people, the local Govt./CIA built a guardpost at that very intersection as if that was the only place that someone could jump out of a car and create deadly mayhem. What a knee-jerk waste of time and money.
That said the protecting of police personnel is compelling. perhaps they should have a policy not trying to grab jumping people unless they are somehow tied on. This bridge won't be the only place they face the possibility of being dragged over the edge.

On Caltrans Gives Public Glimpse of Cold Spring Suicide Barrier

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