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Posted on December 17 at 2:54 p.m.

There are so many inaccuracies in this "History" that it is impossible to address them in this format (e.g., as noted above, I was not employed by the Santa Barbara County Planning Department--I have worked for The Trust for Public Land for the past 10 years).

Mr. Olsen continues to beat the drum that there are no plans for the property and that an EIR was not required. On this account, he confuses apples with oranges. The project reviewed by the County was a simple lot split to allow for the purchase of the property. Plans are moving forward on the proposed restoration, however, they cannot be submitted and reviewed until the property is acquired. Those plans will go through a separate environmental review and permitting process, including public hearings, which will give people more than ample time to review the project.

Finally, Mr. Olsen's assertion that the project will benefit only "a few insiders" couldn't be further from the truth. With its educational and public access amenities (trails, boardwalks and interpretation) this project will provide substantial and lasting benefits to the entire community.
Carla Frisk

On A History of Ocean Meadows

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