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Posted on June 7 at 4:10 p.m.

What is the good if a family has employed providers in a town full of soot and cancer causing chemicals?

Families and particularly children need love, compassion, honnesty and integrity. Children need to be shown these things by example.

Is allowing our city's pre-established inspection protocol to be bought out a way of showing integrity?

Measure J doesn't say no to Venoco absolutely, it simply says "no we won't sell out our standards just because you have money".

Isn't the fact that Venoco is trying to bypass an Environmental Impact Review an obvious sign that they have something to hide?

On Carp Residents Protest Measure J

Posted on June 7 at 2:42 p.m.

The primary issue at this stage has nothing to do with oil.

No on Measure J does not mean that Venoco will not drill. It means that a large corporation will not be permitted to buy its way into greater revenue, will not be able to buy its way into the hearts and minds of the citizens of Carpinteria.

Citizens of Carp, I implore you to consider the motives of a large corporation. What is its primary purpose and function?

Is it to give money to schools, stimulate the local economy and promote environmental solutions?

No, the purpose of a large corporation is to make money, the more the better, and often at any means possible. We have already seen the destruction of the Alaskan coastline, the Gulf of Mexico, the destruction of the rainforest from MacDonald's cattle farming exploits...

Aren't these examples enough to convey that large corporations don't give a spit about the environment if it gets in the way of profit?

Profit is Venoco's motive. Not Carp schools. Not the local Carp economy.

Any conscientious citizen would never allow for a money hungry corporation to simply circumvent all manner of established inspection ordinances and procedures.

A "yes" vote on J concedes power to Venoco to do as they please without standard inspection procedures, robbing Carpinterians of their own power in their own town, their own sacred land.

Please vote "no" on J and help us maintain our authority as citizens to keep large corporations in check.

The more we drill, the more we will use. Stopping the exploits of large oil companies is a first step toward limiting incentive to use oil and giving more incentive to find newer, more compassionate ways of utilizing the resources our Earth and our brilliant minds can and will provide.

On Carp Residents Protest Measure J

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