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Posted on July 28 at 10:50 a.m.

The reality is the Fish Reef Project’s dedicated volunteers have donated thousands hours to help create new life in the sea that everyone benefits from. Historically Aquaculture operations were not forced in obtaining additional coastal commission permits to simply put down anchors- however once it became clear that the commission is requiring such permits we have complied fully, submitted applications and paid huge fees- we are a small grass roots nonprofit working to making the ocean healthy, offset overfishing, reduce greenhouse gases, ocean acidification and unite the ocean community after the great MPA fight as we can do more good as unified group that we can scratching each other eyes out- so I ask anyone who truly cares about the health of our ocean to join us in this cutting edge effort to help ocean life thrive-yes even you Mr. Adams are welcomed to be part this-
The Hendry's site is only a test for the future projects and the balls make no more of a footprint than lobster trap and certainly far less than the six tone anchors deployed by the cruise ships and navy when they call at SB. The Aquaculture lease holder were generous in letting us provide them with life giving anchors-think of it as urban gardening- it’s making the best use of space while giving back to the ecosystem.

There will be 12 Billion of us soon and reefs are one of the best way to make the ocean strong enough to offset human impacts.

Oh- and NOBODY not even me draws a salary for the countless hours we put in to make this happen. We are doing this for love of the ocean and nothing more.

Chris Goldblatt
Fish Reef Project

On Artificial Reef Project Moves Forward Despite Controversy

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