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Posted on October 9 at 9:43 a.m.

What ever happened to the separation of church and state? I have strong emotions about Mitt Romney, the GOP Republican hopeful Candidate being a faithful follower of a church that is determined to and has succeeded in building a Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS) - The Mormons, Seminary Building right next to almost every high school in the state of Utah. I am sure the LDS church would love to do the same in your state, and they probably will as Mitt Romney, and other LDS faithful members push for state's rights, school/education vouchers, and the dismantling of the US Department of Education, and teachers unions. I think we can probably thank Utah Senator Orin Hatch (a pioneer of state's rights, and his current understudy Senator Mike Lee), and other LDS faithful lawmakers for launching and persisting in the movement for states rights and for smudging the fine line to exempt the evasive, unaccountable, and sworn to secrecy LDS church and the State of Utah government from federal guidelines.

On What About Romney’s Education Plans?

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