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Posted on August 23 at 12:45 p.m.

You looked left looked right and thought it was safe?
Every child when first learning to cross the street knows
The all mighty rule:
look left , look right, look left -cross.
U don't look left then right and say hey that car seemed to be
Far enough away when I looked that way ummm.. How many seconds ago... ??
Because obviously if it was 80 feet away then you both collide you obviously didn't cross when it was safe.... ( when the car was 80 feet away, and also; if i strarted to walk when a car is 80 ft away i would be accross already if not atleast out of that lane by the time the car was even close) crossed seconds AFTER the "safe" window closed... And without looking..
It's hard to admit fault especially when one gets
Hurt or embarrassed.. Or both.
Take care of yourself everyone. Don't assume anything in life.

On Disappointed

Posted on August 17 at 2:26 p.m.

The statement that says it all... " looked left, and saw a vehicle approaching but “far away.” She told police she felt she had time to cross. “I thought the driver would stop.” She
looked right, saw no cars approaching, and then walked out,"
..... How much time passed during the look from right to left to when she stepped off the curb? Does it matter? I don't know..
- she never looked back left... and just assumed she could go.
Come on - she walked into the side of his car! the driver should counter sue for damage to his vehicle , if any and for the time spent dealing with this lady that clearly can't admit SHE was WRONG.

I'm 28 yrs of age, love to hike walk and bike but have always been amazed at what some people do - ( side note)... Like some bicyclists that always campaign about "sharing the road" but make 15 cars follow them on a narrow road for 20 mins while 3 ride shoulder to shoulder when they could just go Single file for a minute to let them saftely pass....its gotta work both ways , right? ( but that's for another time)

Yes , I take pedestrian saftey very seriously but have heard a ton of people including friends say things like , " I'm just going- they have to stop, I'm A PEDESTRIAN!!" and thats the attitude that causes these type of accidents. I've always been one to wait the 10 seconds for the cars to pass or atleast hurry accross to be considerate ( which i never really see anyone do anymore) But why not I say. Why make cars hit their brakes to stop just because I can? I've even applauded a lady for walking right out into a busy street without even stoping to see if people were slowing... Pushing her CHILD in a stroller!!!! Wow
I've even seen people that know there is a car coming but walk and pretend not to see the car? Why , does it
Make it less your fault if you get hit?

My conclusion, how many drivers have been sued and lost or have had licenses revoked because of this same type of situation ? 100s? 1000s?
Every driver should be always lOoking and aware but come on folks, let's all have some consideration for both sides .

On Who’s Right? The Lady or the Cop?

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