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Posted on December 11 at 11:52 p.m.

I'm sure no one wants to hear this, but we have to look at the facts, indeed. And the facts state that this man went into the military, seemingly without a record or charges. Served in Iraq for 15 months, active combat I'd presume, and came back. (Lord knows what horrors he committed or saw as acts of war). Upon returning floundered with reentry, PTSD, alcoholism and the such. The universe was giving him warning signs, yet he got a break and was seemingly able to overcome, but the demons were still there.
Absolutely, bad choices, but with some context we have a MUCH larger conversation to have.

Heart and prayers go out to the individuals and families of all those involved in this horrible tragedy. May we all take the appropriate time to mourn, but promise to learn and grown from this, one of life's unfortunate teachable moments.

On DUI Hit-and-Run Victim Dies, Suspect Charged with Murder

Posted on October 11 at 9:34 a.m.

No major surprises here, but with the nuance of these endorsements the Indy clearly has a pulse on the layered politics of the area.
I can print this out and use it as a guide when filling out my ballot. I am looking forward to see how the the dynamic duo (HBJ and Das) operate once they are both in Sacramento.

On Endorsements for 2012

Posted on October 4 at 11:52 p.m.

Nick points out that Santa Barbara is simply the Kentucky/West Virginia of the journalism world. Similar things are happening in cities across America as we allow the 4th Estate to wither away into nothingness.

Molina epitomizes the idea that if you can't beat em — or at least pay ring fees to spar — then join em.

Journalism should not be allowed to die, especially while we allow our government to bail out the auto industry, cozy up with Wall Street and "R-Kelly" us every 4 years.

Approval levels and trust of politicians, attorneys AND journalist is at an all time low. Money flows from those serving as the watchdog over individuals with power to those who keep individuals with power, in power.

Something has got to give, and citizen journalist is not what's up. Think about this, we allow our politicians to function off of fundraising appeals, but not our newspapers who are tasked with keeping them in line!? That deserves a big ol, "Come on, Man!"

On Baying at the Moon

Posted on September 29 at 8:34 p.m.

While you're at it, check this out...

State of Education 2012 with Das Williams Part1 Destination Ventura

On Colleges and Universities Unify Us

Posted on September 27 at 2:41 p.m.

Well noted, understood. Not hate in the literal usage, but more in the contemporary.
And look how off topic everyone gets when he just focuses on higher education, where would we be had he tried to tackle k-12 too. Das does support Prop. 30 as do most sensible people and that means taxing those who continue to get richer at a higher rate. Fluff piece indeed, but question did you learn anything along the way?
Boy I tell you, who would want to willingly go into public service these days with the all the snapshots and misinformation?

On Colleges and Universities Unify Us

Posted on September 27 at 12:40 p.m.

Absolutely agree that if we didn't export jobs to other countries we would have more of a diversity of jobs for those here to have options outside of higher education. But just because you may not want an education or access to better opportunities doesn't mean others feel the same.
Provide equal access to a multitude of options, including higher education, which is currently way overpriced and boarderline the newest lending hustle.

Not sure why there is such hate for someone who "pulled themselves up by the bootstraps" and now dedicates his life to public service? Even service to those whose main purpose is to further stymie progress and action. I guess the saying is right, haters gonna hate!

On Colleges and Universities Unify Us

Posted on August 30 at 12:42 p.m.

Now when will those of you who are so critical of "career pols" be running for office yourselves? Right, our choices may be limited, but who among us is willing to step into the line of fire.

Given the governance system we have, I am sure glad to have Das as our representative over some of the ideological savants that cloud our rhetoric with often misaimed and vitriolic discourse.

On Is Das Williams a Teachers' Pet?

Posted on August 30 at 10:41 a.m.

So let me get this when a legislator is thoughtful and really thinks through an issue his or her intentions are wayward? Yet when he or she rubber stamps along the party line they are spineless?
So how do you win this... oh, wait, you don't!

Something tells me that the CTA opposition on this raised a red flag for Das, who then looked into the issue deeper and found something he didn't agree with in the legislation.

These issues are so rarely simply black and white, otherwise legislation would not be laced with so many words.

On Is Das Williams a Teachers' Pet?

Posted on August 16 at 12:03 p.m.

Makes since that Das would chair this committee. The guy worked his way through the community college and UC system and is now a state legislator, who would have better knowledge and perspective!?

Word is he is sponsoring a bill that would create the first revenue source just for higher education, not sure on all the details.

But so many of these issues are intertwined, it's very difficult to focus on just higher education without addressing prison spending, pension reform and getting rich folks and companies to pay their fair share. All of that needs to be on the table.

On Das Gets First Chairmanship

Posted on August 31 at 11:34 a.m.

It's not about being against openess or reform measures, it's about being a student and thinking through some of these decisions.

Equal budgets for Williams, who has a district 10 times larger than most LA area dsitricts and 5 times more expensive means less money for constituent service in Ventura and Santa Barbara.

So, the contact and access that constituents are currently receiving would be drastically cut. I don't know about you, but I want to be able to get ahold of and engage the people I vote for!

On Reform Effort Dismissed as PR Stunt

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