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Posted on July 28 at 7:25 a.m.

And there off...the Independent Writer has intentionally left me out and i am a prospective Sta. Barbara City Council Candidate attempting to qualify my name as a candidate for this elections campaign on November 2011.

Cruzito Herrera Cruz is in this local political race also and should not be publically omitted from this news story, but this might be a oversight on the Independent writer's part.

Cruzito Cruz pulled nomination papers on August 18, 2011 at 8 a.m.m the first in-line and the first to acquire my nomination papers.

Thank you Nick Welsh for not including me in this story, but for the Independent and internet readers and Sta. Barbara City Voters, i am in the political race process for the betterment of the Community and it's Youth!

Cruzito H. Cruz on 07272011@07:24 a.m.

On And They're Off

Posted on July 23 at 4:53 p.m.

Got Dog? Yes, may the Messengers carry a Message that the TOP DUI COP Kasi Buetel and co-horts at SBPD are covering-up their questionable police practices.

Case in point, I was falsely arrested on 03252011@00:18 a.m. by hot dog DUI top cop Kasi Beutel, Aaron Tudor, and _. Fortuna. On 04072011 I filed a complaint/grievance with SBPD against said officers. On 06162011 DA Lee Carter mailed a dismissal notice for arrest. See my previous blogging comments : defend_dui_officer_targeted_in_newspaper_series

Therefore, freelance writer Peter Lance’s exposé has greater veracity to said TOP COP Kasi Beutel questionable police practices. Scandals such as these make it increasingly important for misconduct to be rooted out and exposed in order to prevent our law enforcers from breaking laws. 2011 SBPD? 2006 LA Police Beat on Peaceful Marchers. 1996 Rampart Scandal. 1991 Rodney King Beating. 1988 Dalton Avenue Raid & Operation Hammer, etc… SBPD does have a public scandal on the department’s hands & at stake is it’s public integrity to do the right thing.

Regardless, of the news agency inter-squabbling which is unhealthy for all and with such grain of salt and local flavor let’s turn a new blank page and get to uncover and write about stories that matter and correct when the SBPD & agency abuses of governmental power are brought to light. Especially, when the double-dealing and Court partiality shields Kasi Buetel with her incredulous DUI statistical achievement and her court declarations to her financial finagling with the Bankruptcy Court, Family Court, and the Internal Revenue Service Court. Even California Supreme Court Justice in a dissenting opinion about a Pitchess motions has explained, “the Pitchess pendulum has swung too far in favor of police privacy rights and against the disclosure of relevant evidence.” 776 P.2d 222,227 (1989)

Let’s focus on a future “Independent Civil Commission”, in order, to solicit and unequivocally rendered an impartial factual determination to such cop practices. Yes, Nick Welsh has used my name as a pawn to offer in his Lance’s rebuttal, but the offer still stands for a news story that I am another of Kasi’s DUI victims! Fabricated lies on false pretense violations, and without video cameras in the patrol cars than it’s her signed word against my word. Place cameras on SBPD patrol cars to mitigate future litigation and kill the “On Patrol” tv cop unreality show.

Is this what she gets for being a hot dog TOP DUI COP with such incredulous statistical achievement? The answer lies in the inter-agency & employee collaboration for it to work, so thus the SBPD cover-up of such corrupt acts is a civic issue that needs to be immediately publically addressed. The power, money, and personal fortuna has poisoned such hot doggers de Cruzito Herrera Cruz on 07232011@16:46 p.m.

On Got Dog?

Posted on July 14 at 9:39 a.m.

A bigger splash will occur because of the verified misconduct against police officer Kasi Beutel and the double-dealing by Judge George C. Eskin in declaring a mistrial. Double-dealing because of five-day expose by Sir Peter Lance? A fact, the DA’s office has persecuted in the media the King of Pop – Michael Joseph Jackson; Dudley wrote an extensive novel about someone she prosecuted; and the entire DA’s building creatively worked on “ALPHA DOG” in Jesse James Hollywood case. Was there a “mis-trial afforded to these Defendants”? Lance’s article is a memo, in comparison, to full-lawyer artistic productions that can be verified from this extremely many documentary expose or pieces from the DA’s and all the news coverage prior and during trials! For whom does Judge Eskin give favorable legal partiality to, in order, to shield from illuminating Beutel’s questionable credibility? She is not the defendant nor the plaintiff but a “primary witness”, so Batalas should walk free of charges, so for whom does the law shield and protect? I read the Batalas transcript and common and reasonable sense would make anyone realize that even Judge Eskin was annoyed with Beutel’s conferring with her liawyer Charles Goldwasser (SBN#61298) to avoid perjury charges and finally a “real mistrial” for covering-up a unprofessional cop. It is important because of Beutel’s integrity is crucial in ensuring anyone of the 700+ Seven-Hundred Plus previous arrest has somewhat of a fair trial or judicial outcome that is just and not legally and literally one-sided against all previous arrestees that might not have been afforded proper legal procedure of arrest, thus her creating this incredulous D.U.I. statistical achievement! She has asked publically to be checked in the eye of the Court and in the eye of Public Opinion. Why is this important to me is because Officer Beutel fabricated a false arrest with Aaron Tudor and _.Fortuna on 03252011@00:18 a.m. for false D.U.I. arrest. Today, SBPD has not investigated my personal compliant/grievance against said officers for going on a “fishing expedition”, 8 different sobriety tests and on the threats of violence and electrocution of a 50,000 Volt Taser was from a forced extractation of 10 Milliliters of my life’s essence, mi sangre de vida! This personal grievance was filed with SBPD on 04072011 about noon time against Officer Kasi M. Beutel, Aaron Tudor, and _. Fortuna. Yes, there is a bigger civic legal splash that will occur in this lovely City of Santa Barbara, 93101 de Cruzito H. Cruz on 07142011@09:39 a.m.

On None

Posted on July 2 at 3:15 p.m.

""Putting the "OW" in the Bow-Wow" When the Illegal Bite Comes From the Bark than Bite from Sworn Officials" who are held to a stricter standard to uphold, observe, & adhere to the enforcement of ‘our laws’ of the State of California & the U.S.A. Constitution. On March 25, 2011, I was stopped at 00:18 a.m. on Carrillo street from a 233 mile round-trip from East L.A. to go to Danza Azteca practice. On my return from East L.A. coming into SB, the night fall on Thursday going into Friday morning, it was raining “cats-and-dogs”. The SBNP article reported of a Tsunami Watch on the Central Coast. As paths crossed, Officer Kasi Marie Beutel pulled me over on a false pretense for violating VC Section 21,453 (a) and than the bite got bigger with VC Section 23,152(a) and than second illegal bite injured my person with total disregard of my medical patient's rights and intentional disregard to my civil right’s. SBPD Officers Kasi M. Beutel, Aaron Tudor, and Fortuna actions of arrest on 03252011 happened in the City of Sta. Barbara and 3 blocks from my home on Olive Street 93101-1542. You go figure the cost this incident has caused for more overtime pay to be granted for something that was an illegal stop on false pretenses, signed documentation to support it, too! 3 DDT patrols cars at 1 a.m., for something that was an illegal arrest? What is really crazy was the threat of electrocution by Officers Aaron Tudor's TAZER if i would not comply with a forced-blood extraction (10 Milliliters) after eight different types of sobriety tests. Walking tests, balancing foot tests, fingers dexterity test, extended-hands-out and touch your nose tip will balancing your head back and eyes closed and Officer Tudor flashing the lights in your eyes to disoriented my closed eyes test, eyes movement tests with flashlight-in-hand, eyes movement with Officer's finger, tilt-your-head-back and count thirty seconds test, two breath tests, which both times blew 0.00 and 0.00, written composition test (i refused), and the three times-searched my person, body, and personal property. Picking a fight, so they can slap another resisting arrest charge on me! In retrospect, the statistical D.U.I. standard to uphold due to 2009-2011 SB County Law Enforcement Officer of the Year for Top Cop for MADD DUI Arrests. Gold Pin Winner recipient Officer Kasi Marie Beutel has become a doggish and mean-crooked cop that has caused the big "OW" in many citizens from her questionable D.U.I. arrests. This is not counting the one's she has passed off. Give a Dog a Bone is what I am barking as the analogy. Laughter is good medicine with much SBPD barking and bone-sharing they conspire to do and "OW" from an angry poodle can be heard because i am not the only one where police practices have crossed the protecting-line where some are being prosecuted and caused much burden and problems from such police practices in the City of Santa Barbara. Cruzito H. Cruz on 07022011@3:13 p.m.

On Putting the 'Ow' Back in Bow-Wow

Posted on October 15 at 7:08 a.m.

Dear Editor Writer Mr. Nick Welsh and Independent Readers:
Thank you for the coverage of the "The Outsiders" during this electoral municipal ballot election for Santa Barbara.
I believe I AM in INSIDER to the needs of an ignored community of SB (Eastside & Westside). My social-service experience in the non-profit sector for two decades has provided me with vast insight & civic understanding to the needs and services of many Santa Barbarians and the "public good" that needs to be fostered and acted upon.
The public cleavages generated and fabricated has caused more hurt than harmony. When everyone points to the idea of "gangs" we say Latino, like mentioned this past Monday at the Youth Council Forum, from what I know most of these students and young adults where in fact born at our local Cottage Hospital, thus thru birthright, they are "Americans". We need to deconstruct our public language to be real cognizant and aware when those individual labels are uttered, it de-humanizes youths to not be part of regular society. We are speaking of youths that are not afforded the same constitutional and American right's we cherish and love. We should educate and not incarcerate! What ever happened to the idea that youth can learn from their "mistakes" and grow in maturity as an adult. Those without sin, lead me to the Lord. IF WE give the youth a positive education and business-vocational orientation than are local community will have a productive contributing taxpayer and leader for the future. As Santa Barbarians we would be "collectively culturally richer", is this not the SB we all want to live in and promote? Or is it just a farce and an untruth for quick political sound-bites in the continuation of the pessimism, fear, and discrimination these youth, Families, and Community have to live under. Let's have hope, love, and peace!
Priorities as a elected councilmember would be:
1.) Provide City Discussion with the Identified Stakeholders, Leaders, and Organizations to provide EDUCATION for youth via higher-learning, Business Orientation, & Vocational Internships for Youth. Positive Youth programming.
2.) Conduct an investigation and legal research to provide more "Equitable and Ecological Housing" for the Senior Class (Retirees), Middle and Working-Class, and those confronting Medical Aliments or without a Roof over their Heads.
3.) Perform an independent financial audit for ten-years to fiscally understand the assets, liabilities, expenditures, investment portfolios, independent contracts with business merchants, and revenues that come into the City's fiscal department, in order, to provided City and departmental recommendations that provides accounting and managerial financial management and spending prudence recommendations to make our City solvent.
May the Creator bless each one and may the rain drops fall upon all of us with life and a refreshing sense of spirit when you read these humble words:Always in Service Cruzito H. Cruz

On The Outsiders

Posted on September 24 at 5:21 a.m.

Thank You Nick Welsh and Independent for Art News:

Cruzito Herrera Cruz's participation in the Arts in Sta. Barbara goes as follows:

Participated in parades in Sta. Barbara as a child student.

Dance Group "Midnite Breakers" at Adams School
Performed several times for Adams School in Assemblies.

Painted on a Mural at La Cumbre Jr. High, Cafeteria 1987.
Acted in the Play "Baby" at La Cumbre Hr. High, 1987
Organized dances at La Cumbre Jr. for M.E.Ch.A. (R.I.P. "Louie U. and Sergio H.")

At S.B.C.C. organized many community events under M.E.Ch.A.:
Cinco de Mayo events, Day of the Dead events, and La Pastorelas during the month of December while at SBCC.
Commenced walking in the art and prays of the drum beat of Aztec Dancing.
M.E.Ch.A. students help a project of MURAL RESTORATION of Muralist and Artist Manuel Unzueta Street painting on Quarantina Street "Chicano History".
Organized with fellow students Lowrider Car Shows at La Playa Stadium. 1994, 1995, 1996

At U.C.S.B. organizes events for the community to enjoy the arts, food, and dance.

Been in several plays at the church of Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe, La Casa de La Raza, and, just recently, with Teacher of Theatre with Ms. E. Tafoya in the Shepard's that was performed at the at the Presidido on Santa Barbara Street this past December 2008.

Also, while at the Arts Forum, I brought several arts and crafts that I have created. Work in seashells and little seashells with art work. Have created jewlery and earings from feathers and seashells. I had on display at the Arts Fourm several of my painting pieces on different mediums.

My involvement in the arts is an expression of my identity and the manifestation of the beauty of one's upbring in the schools and City of Santa Barbara. MY TOTAL SUPPORT FOR THE ARTS is now given and always shared with others to enjoy, laugh, and see arte.

Cruzito Herrera Cruz 09242009@ 5:19 a.m.

On Dancing with the Candidates

Posted on September 18 at 9:37 a.m.

Thank You Mr. Nick Welsh and the Independent for the coverage of my pre-election legal victory.

The public might not understand that I legally worked in 13 days the amount of three weeks of lawyer hours to win and have Judge J. William McLafferty consider my legal arguments and the submission of 13 Declarations from the voters that where illegally disqualified, thus the Court Order to have my name appear in this upcoming municipal election was accomplished by my tenacity and work ethic to become a public steward and a attentive public servant.

Garden Girl, thanks for your support and words of encouragement that you have provided, even though we have never meet. Your words of positivity in the midst of negative attitudes, false perceptions, and unfounded fallacies outshines with your simple truth which makes me walk and talk with conviction, intelligence, and, experience.

If you would like to communicate with me, Cruzito Herrera Cruz, you may email me at


As a public servant, the "public good" will be my political objective to serve, listen, and work diligently for all Santa Barbarians to realize "equalitarianism".

On One More for Council Race

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