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Posted on November 19 at 9:27 a.m.

Shadow's Fund is an amazing rescue that does a lot for their community. Before you talk negatively about the organization you should educate yourself on what they do. I was the dog trainer for a program they started at the Lompoc prison. They brought in 4 dogs (of all different breeds) into the mens facility and I trained the inmates how to work with the dogs, taught them about basic health care about a dog and basic grooming. They now have more skills to get a job doing something productive when they get their second chance. I am the one who adopted Buddha the bait dog that is talked about above and he is doing amazing things for people. Next week we start visiting the residents at hospice and retirement homes and patients at hospitals. If you have negative images about the pit bull come meet Buddha and he will change your mind forever! This dog was tortured by human beings and he still loves all! People have a voice, animals do not. Shadow's Fund is helping to be that voice!

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