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Posted on August 10 at 12:32 a.m.

"It should be used organically" said Ryckman. What are the kids suppose to eat the IPad? What a silly and fatuous statement.

On The School District's Fresh Slate of New Administrators

Posted on August 7 at 6:42 p.m.

You can not be convicted of a crime solely based on your admission or confession.

And what is a non-crime crime? Do you mean a non-violent crime? And I am sorry the your second to your last sentence confuses me. I understand your last sentence.

On Man Convicted of Brutally Beating Stripper

Posted on August 7 at 6:44 a.m.

Old school, in regards to your 3:28 pm post,

1) I totally agree with you. Our system of law is set up so that everyone is afforded a good proper defense. People may not like the system but we need to respect it and live with it. It is never perfect but this is what we have. To blame a defense attorney for doing their job is not healthy or safe road to travel in respect to our freedoms. But in the same breath the system that you and I say should protect the defense attorney you are saying should be changed? You can't have it one way and want to change another just because your horse lost the race.

Our system of government is set up with three distinct branches that are to check each other. You allege that two are incompetent or malicious. You blame the victim, the police, the DA, and then the judge. Never do you assign any wrongdoing to the suspect, who is accused of doing something very similar in Ventura. You claim we can use that against him, well you are correct, but that is only in court. In the court of public opinion where you are here we can use it, sorry we are not restricted like the legal system. Since he was arrested in Ventura county does that mean they are as screwed as Santa Barbara is?

Sorry but I still agree with Eckermann, you can not beat a woman to a point that she requires a plate in her face and claim self defense. You can try and minimialize that all you want but at the end of the day that fact still exists he beat a woman senseless.

When is he going to be tried in Ventura?

On Man Convicted of Brutally Beating Stripper

Posted on August 6 at 1:46 p.m.

Good point loonpt, but that opens up a whole different debate. Just because one person is involved in a crime doesn't mean they can commit a different crime. You can't murder a hooker. You can't get robbed by one or rob one. Two wrongs don't equal a right.

Interesting point though and i do understand what you are saying.

On Man Convicted of Brutally Beating Stripper

Posted on August 6 at 8:18 a.m.

I too agree with Eckermann.

Bill, I disagree with your assertion that Oldschools allegations need followup by the author, unless Oldschool wants to post specific facts. I was never one to automatically believe what is written by an anonymous person on the internet. Their motivation could be for any reason. If I alleged some far blown allegation just to write it would that warrant investigation?

I think a better course of action would be for Oldschool to contact the author discreetly and relay their concerns. They do appear quite at odds with the printed story. I would be curious if any were true. But then again I give them their appropriate weight.

Lastly why does it matter about Sanger? Was he the defense in this case? I don't agree with people picking at defense attorneys based on the charges of people that they have to defend. A good defense is a constitutional right afforded any of us. But for the grace of God that could be any of us.

On Man Convicted of Brutally Beating Stripper

Posted on August 5 at 8:59 p.m.

If I offended you then I am sorry that you have a fragile ego. But here is just an observation on your postings here, of the seven posts none of them are on the original article. Your first is rudely directed towards the author and then your second is baited with sarcasm at him. Your remaing five are just about other posters.

On Judge Says Prosecutor Didn't Violate Court Order

Posted on August 5 at 8:45 p.m.

OldSchool has a strangely odd and personable touch to this story. My guess is that he/she is the defense attorney for Nicolas.

My question for you Oldschool is you state that Nicolas did not have a criminal past. The DA is quoted in the story saying that due to his criminal past he had to serve 85 percent of his time. Those two statements seem at odds with each other.

Also, he was out on bail for a previous kidnapping charge in Ventura. Wouldnt this be considered a "criminal past"?

I apologize if I am not using the correct legal lingo. But you seem to have some inside knowledge into the defense of Nicolas.

On Man Convicted of Brutally Beating Stripper

Posted on August 5 at 2:58 p.m.

I agree with Zappa, the people who only post to annoy others, one word postings, or constantly do little to enhance this discussion ruin it for me.

Ken, you are one of those people. You have posted here 6 times. none of your comments are about the story or what others are commenting on. You do nothing to enhance this topic. Nothing personal, and I am not trying to offend you. But your post above and before made me have to point out the elephant in the room.

On Judge Says Prosecutor Didn't Violate Court Order

Posted on July 14 at 8:46 p.m.

I am surprised that this thread is still going.

Denise, you are trying to teach a blind person about colors; no matter how much you explain it he will never get it.

Darryl Genis (Denise you should include his full name so when prospective clients Google his name these posts will show and people can see his true persona), you just don't get it do you? Your shannaigans on this board and in the court room make you look ridiculous.

Gogle Tag: Darryl Genis DUI Attorney Santa Barbara

On Judge Finds Lawyer Must Pay for Courtroom Violations

Posted on July 8 at 11:39 p.m.

Good points but somehow I think they are lost on Mr. Genis. You are correct, the almighty dollar is his true motivation.

I agree with lawdy's summation of Mr. Genis, most don't give him much credence.

On Judge Finds Lawyer Must Pay for Courtroom Violations

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