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Posted on August 18 at 1:35 p.m.

Huh? Capps may be a lot of things but "cranky" is certainly not one of them. This kind of comment only tells me that a person calling her "cranky" has never actually met her or been around her.

On Who is the crankiest elected official on the South Coast?

Posted on August 31 at 5:42 p.m.

Excellent! I loved the small place on the corner. I am so happy to have a place where we can try something other than local overpriced wines that we have been convinced we must be drinking. There is so much great wine produced around the world and it is nice to have it available by the glass. Thank you.

On La Tour Goes Big

Posted on August 30 at 12:50 a.m.

Yuck! The swift boat mud slinging was ugly for sure but not as ugly as Dale Francisco taking money out of his own pocket to support discrimination and mean spirited nastiness in the form of prop 8.

On Montecito's Toxic-Waste King

Posted on August 26 at 9:28 p.m.

We have patronized both for many years. The folks downtown are pleasant, hardworking and always courteous. Something was lost on the short trip to Montecito.

Unfortunately, there is an attitude in Montecito that doesn't exist downtown. Often times customers are treated as if they are very lucky to eat at the restaurant. Sometimes the owner sits on the patio and watches it happen... a very weird vibe. There also appears to be a directive that the staff find ways to charge extra for things like a second basket of chips, etc.

Although we live in Montecito, we actually find ourselves going to Los Arroyos downtown where are not such a bother...

On Los Arroyos Anniversary Celebration on Coast Village Road

Posted on August 21 at 9:03 p.m.

Well, it certainly appears that Jim Buckley found a buyer in his own image and likeness when he sold the SYV Journal. Now, we are stuck with him in Montecito where he deludes himself into thinking that we actually agree with him.

On <em>Santa Ynez Valley Journal</em> Accuses DA of Inaction

Posted on June 4 at 5:46 p.m.

Well, I would never "subscribe" to the Montecito Urinal. It is free to readers....expensive to advertisers. It is the unfortunate local advertisers who currently have no alternative that will benefit the most. They will now have an alternative to supporting the rantings and rude behavior of Mr. Buckley and his Andrew Breitbart wannabe, Bob Hazard.

In many ways, this goes beyond left or right, liberal or conservative. Buckley's constant need to correct and set straight those that write into his paper is just downright offensive. Seriously, someone needs a shrink...

Montecito - I live there, I work there, my kids went to school there, I eat there, I recreate there, I entertain there, etc. I have contact with lots of long term residents and most of us are offended that the Montecito Journal appears to be the local paper. It is simply embarrassing!

So, while I agree that the Daily Sound certainly has its shortcomings, anything is better than what we have now.

Thank you

On Montecito to Get Second Newspaper

Posted on June 2 at 11:33 p.m.

I have lived in Montecito for 35 years and I have MANY neighbors and friends that cannot wait for this to happen. The Montecito Journal is essentially the Rush Limbaugh Gazette. It certainly does NOT represent the views of the larger community.

Most people I know are sick and tired of Jim Buckley running off at the mouth about national politics. His mentor must be Bill O'Reilly because he has the same need to constantly correct people and make sure he gets the last word about whatever someone contributes. He has his Op Ed page and on it he can say whatever he wants but he can't help himself and has to comment on and add his slant to every letter sent in.

I was at a restaurant in Montecito the other night, and the Journal came up. It was agreed that the name of the paper should really be the Montecito Urinal.

I don't care where they come from or who they are but anybody that can produce another paper that might convey to the world that the Montecito Journal does NOT represent Montecito is okay with many of us. The constant spinning of every position and perspective so it matches the Roger Ailes/Fox News perspective is very tiring.

My suggestion to the Daily Sound - Keep it local. Stay away from national politics and keep it solely focused on the community. There are many advertisers that would love to leave the Urinal.

On Montecito to Get Second Newspaper

Posted on May 11 at 9:48 p.m.

An institution for sure. A great location allows for some pretty mediocre food. I got a salad once that was drowning in dressing and I couldn't eat it. I asked for a little less dressing and was told it was all dressed beforehand and that is the way it is... Yep, it is all about the location.

On Brophy Bros., Where All of Santa Barbara Goes

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