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Posted on March 12 at 11:41 a.m.

I think it's odd that this turns into a discussion about porn. The definition of porn is in the mind of the beholder. What is porn?

This is about something else don't you think.

Ken: Are you arguing for the right of this professor to go violent and whacko in this situation, clearly outside the bounds of civilized discourse? Ordinarily I'd think, one would hope that faculty members are worthy of emulation by students and that's why they've been chosen to teach by the administration and the state-- don't you think?

There really is no excuse for her behavior.

On UCSB Professor Accused of Assaulting Anti-Abortion Activist

Posted on March 12 at 9:14 a.m.

About the abortion issue. Couldn't we all agree that less abortion is better? And that mothers who can't support or handle the problem of an unwanted and unexpected baby could possibly give it up to adoption. This way that baby could possibly have a wonderful life with some family that adopts it. More adoption and less abortion is certainly the better idea.

Personally, I think the professor in Feminist Studies should be fired for her behavior. If she has tenure (I can only ask myself how that could have happened?!)...we might categorize her fault as 'moral turpitude'...

On UCSB Professor Accused of Assaulting Anti-Abortion Activist

Posted on March 12 at 8:51 a.m.

Ah...pierhead brings in the ROTC issue. I feel prescient, the anti-war left has entered the the room to scrim. I knew that would happen.

OK. First, and staying on subject. What's the point of the ladies with the awful pictures? --That millions of potential humans are getting murdered every year. It is a horrendous thing when you think about it. Who will stand up for the rights of babies? When does a fetus become a person? At birth or earlier? It's something to think about indeed. This little helpless potential human is given no choice.

OK. I"m ready to scrim. What's this issue about the evil military?

On UCSB Professor Accused of Assaulting Anti-Abortion Activist

Posted on March 11 at 2:42 p.m.

Let's see GITMO re-enactments are OK in front of the Library but Anti-Abortion Protests at the Arbor aren't. Got it!

And I thought assistant professors were non-violent intellectuals.

Good thing a ROTC recruitment stand wasn't in the Arbor that day!

I would be interested in someone clearing up the question of how the women's studies department morphed into another department called Feminist Studies...How many so-called studies departments are out there at UCSB? Things were better with just the Trivium and Quadrivium.

On UCSB Professor Accused of Assaulting Anti-Abortion Activist

Posted on February 3 at 4:47 p.m.

Wonderful!! Luis Moreno is splendid as narrator. Thank you Santa Barbara Conservancy and Independent. I love what he does with the Casa de la Guerra...!! You should mention though that Don Jose de la Guerra gave Plaza de la Guerra to the people of Santa Barbara and not to the City. Check the documents...
Patrick O'Dowd

On Historic Walking Tour Is Now Available

Posted on June 6 at 10:30 p.m.

Interesting! Did the faculty, student body, decide to give up driving and divest themselves of their cars too? Why shouldn't I think this is the vote of hypocrites? I'd love the parking lots to disappear, and the kite birds to hover again. Restore the Marine base, that was a much lower energy design than today's high energy monster. Where's Huttenback when we need him...he had ideas....Should we REALLY consider this, a mere feel good investment decision, a giant progressive move....I think not.

On UCSB Faculty Votes in Favor of Fossil Fuel Divestment

Posted on May 8 at 4:11 p.m.

Clearly one can understand in this review that our critic, Mr. Donelan, doesn't like Churches and especially the 'real' history of the California Missions. Yet, being seemingly large-minded and a friend of the gallery, he has huffed and puffed himself up to degrade these superb paintings' meaning and hobbled Deakins' creative impulse to some simple understandable 'romance' Edwin Deakins and his time had for this 'fin de siecle', 'Romona' caused, folly, that Donelan thinks led to the Mission Revival movement. As a consequence, we are left wth the sad thought that these paintings (that I found absolutely extraordinary)are merely something obviously time bound and even if somewhat worthy, based on a delusion. I feel sure that what bothers Mr. Donelan is the subject matter of these watercolors i.e. 'The Missions'--clearly something he finds historically detestable from his own more 'clear eyed' and un-romantic point of view regarding the subject matter. What could be more revealing of Donelan's own view, than his unnecessary poetic quotation insert: "...(Missions) proper to grow wise in, if only that so many dead lie round"? This article is the functional equivalent of damning with faint praise. Mr Donelan: I don't like your review.

On Meaningful Missions

Posted on December 14 at 8:55 a.m.

Nice to read how successful Kurdistan in Iraq is...hope you enjoyed your stay. You don't mention if they're grateful for American soldiers...

On A Report from Kurdish Syria

Posted on November 23 at 12:13 p.m.

The Santa Barbara Parking Lots are the grand achievement of Santa Barbara Redevelopment Process, the system that provides the linch pin for our magnificent historically preserved architecture, city plan, and our economically viable and pedestrian friendly downtown. One way streets, feeder access, and outstanding parking lots are a key feature of our transportation system and values. I need only remind you of the community effort and expenses that went into the last parking lot across from the County Administration Building. Look at it again and imagine what a Sacramento process would have developed in its place. The effort that went into planning this system for the well-being of Santa Barbara cannot be overestimated. There remains one to be built --next to City Hall --consolidating the City parking lot with the News Press parking lot (for a new two story parking lot) with a rebuilt Harmer Adobe facing the Plaza which together would provide another lynch pin to historically redeveloping, Plaza de la Guerra, thereby returning the Plaza back into a pedestrian friendly Plaza that would provide the humanistic qualities of the historic Spanish Plaza in our original City Plan.

To conclude, it would be a catastrophe of enormous magnitude to turn the Parking Lots over to a Sacramento government that barely functions and is so alien to Santa Barbara values.

We have to fight this idea folks. I can't imagine anything more important then keeping control of the parking lot system.

On State Challenges City Parking Lot Ownership

Posted on May 3 at 2:23 p.m.

Need adaptive reuse of post office, honoring its architecture and history coupled with good use of surrounding outside space and interior space to host farmer's market and appropriately related merchants on the interior...

On If the Post Office vacates its historic downtown building, what would you like to see there?

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