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Location: Illinois

Biography: The Double Stax is the only expandable, stackable, and collapsible insulated food tote that can hold up to 10 bags of food or just over 80 lbs of stuff. The Double Stax is the only tote system of its kind, there's nothing else like it on the market (we have a patent pending on the design). In addition to being a great food tote the Double Stax is also great as a car organizer, laundry tote, picnic basket, beach tote, and much more.

"How does it work?" It's easy! You fill both totes with your items and stack them. The patent pending design allows you to fill the top tote and bottom totes with a combined weight of up to 80 lbs and even with this weight the top tote won't slide down and crush your items in the bottom tote! You can put your eggs and bread in the bottom tote and the top tote won't crush them! When you're not using your totes they collapse and are flat (just 1 inch thick) for neat and easy storage.

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